Zynga Launches Hanging With Friends in Android Market


Zynga has announced the arrival of Hanging With Friends on the Android. This game offers a unique and social twist to the traditional Hangman game with colorful characters, and brain-teasing fun.

“Zynga is committed to offering great mobile social game experiences for players everywhere and strives to build the best entertainment experiences across multiple platforms,” said David Ko, Chief Mobile Officer at Zynga. “Bringing Hanging With Friends to Android devices means our players will have the ability to play and engage with even more of their friends and family wherever they are and whenever they want.”

How to Play

  • Challenge players to take turns creating and guessing words to stump, amuse and impress friends.
  • Choose your avatar from a line-up of delightfully colorful characters and then join opponents in a race to see who can hang on the longest.
  • Guess correctly and survive to play another round – miss a word, and its one step closer to the end!
  • Players can also use strategic lifelines that offer crucial hints and watch instant replays that provide a glimpse into their opponent’s tactics.


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