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Sprint launches Kyocera Milano, available now for $50 with contract

Sprint has launched Kyocera’s Android powered Milano Android smartphone.  Available starting today for USD 49.99 with the two year contract, Milano features Android 2.3, with a slide out keyboard, 3.2MP camera, 512MB onboard memory and 2GB microSD memory card included (and supports up to 32GB).

“The touchscreen experience on smartphones is extremely popular, especially when optimized with an app like Swype, but many smartphone users are still looking for the familiar tactile experience of a full QWERTY keyboard,” said Eric Anderson, senior vice president and general manager of sales and marketing at KCI. “Kyocera Milano delivers an easy-to-use, customizable Android experience with multiple keyboard options in a compact package for less than $50. It’s ideal for those making the leap to Android but not wanting to give up their QWERTY keyboards.”

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