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Is announcing a tablet on Sep 28?

The big question buzzing all over tech media today – Is Amazon going to announce its rumored Android tablet on September 28?

Early today sent invites for a press event in New York on September 28. While the invites itself do not seem to suggest anything, Amazon tablet was long believed to be coming in early October, so everyone is guessing that Amazon will announce the tablet on September 28 then making it available from early October.

This upcoming tablet has been long rumored and supposedly based on a customized build of Android and will have deep integration of Amazon’s services.  It is also expected to be the first tablet to give iPad a run of its money in terms of sales numbers, as Amazon is planning to price it as low as possible and then recover profits by selling content including e-books via this tablet.

Amazon also a working Appstore for Android, which will likely to be embedded in this tablet rather than the official Android Market thus becoming another source of income for the retail giant.

Well everything will become clear on Sep 28, Wednesday if announces this tablet and we will be brining you all the details. This press conference starts 10 a.m. EDT.

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