HTC Flyer’s early Honeycomb build leaked

Time for HTC Flyer fans to rejoice, after paying some hefty amount to buy HTC Flyer, they will finally be able to taste the Honeycomb sweetness on their 7 inch tablets. HTC was always vague about Honeycomb update for Flyer, but after today’s leak of an official build of the update, it is pretty much confirmed that Flyer will getting it sometime soon.

With this leak, we will soon be seeing a flood of custom ROMs, if you don’t want to wait for the official update, custom ROMS are there for you.

Although, it is not confirmed as of now, HTC Flyer would be probably getting the same HTC Sense for tablet UX that was recently shown in HTC Jetstream – company’s first Honeycomb tablet, as well the similar implementation of HTC Scribe tech.

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