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Dell confirms Honeycomb update for Dell Streak 7

Dell has officially confirmed that Streak 7 tablet will be updated to Honeycomb. It was released with FroYo earlier this year at CES. We had earlier showed you an image of a Streak 7 running on Android 3.2, followed by a rumor stating the same and now folks over Thinq has got it directly from Dell.

Company however did not give a time frame for the release of the update. The build on display at Dell’s IFA stand had vanilla Honeycomb along with company’s Stage UI.

So, are there any Streak 7 users waiting for this update?

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  1. yes i believe we all are waiting for the official release of it because we already got it from dj_steve.. i’m possibly one of the ones who won’t get an official update as i have the 4g one and well the rumor is only the wifi one will get it

  2. I can imagine every Streak 7 user is looking forward to Honeycomb … as Streak 5 users like me are waiting for the Gingerbread upgrade on the Streak 5.

    If researchers join me in digging into the 5″ – 7″ territory they’ll find rich pickings right across that range.

    This justifies my own personal belief that the ‘POCKETABLE’ genre is very much alive and kicking – where, personally, I am convinced that the 6″ format is the ideal ‘pocketable’ device.

    Some of the very active Chinese manufacturers seem to agree with me too !

    A 6″ screen, Honeycomb, a touch-stylus (like the Samsung Note) and auxiliary products already available from the accessory manufacturers – for leather cases and car mounts – all this make the 6″ device a ‘no brainer’.

    My guess is that HUAWEI might surprise us soon …

  3. Yes I am very excited to hear that there is finally an update coming. I actually bought one of these when early on when they hit retail stores. I did decide to return it because I hated the user interface and performance for the amount that the device cost. I heard in the rumor mill that it was going to be getting the Honeycomb update and was again tempted but not ready to buy it. Then the prices came down dramatically and one of my local retailers had an extra $100 off bringing it down to $199. (Regular price is $279 i think now.) I couldn’t pass that up and have tweaked it enough to suite my needs for the moment but I do look forward to seeing it running Honeycomb.

    I have to agree with millgate that the 5″-7″ form factor has so much potential. I think it’s a better fit for most users but it seems like everyone is pushing the 10″. I love being able to fit it in my back pocket and for the ladies out there who choose to carry a purse the 5″-7″ fit in there easily. Unless you’ve got some crazy large purse or a laptop bag there is no putting a ten inch in there. I actually had an iPad and found it pretty useless due to the size. It was always tying up one of my hands so I couldn’t get anything done. I work on my feet most of the day and wanted the ultimate day planner replacement that I think a lot of people expect when they buy a tablet especially for business. I have that with my 7″ Streak and it’s always on my person either in my back pocket or on my desk/nightstand when I’m home.

  4. Spoke to a dell rep yesterday who said the 4g streak 7 will get an upgrade, it’s just a matter of when t-mobile will release it. Maybe with new ATT/T-mobile development they will release it soon.

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