Apple wins injunction against Samsung in Germany

Duesseldorf court has upheld the sales injunction requested by Apple on Samsung Galaxy Tab in Germany.  This clearly bars the sale of Samsung Galaxy Tab [most probably all Tablets in the series] in the country; we are still waiting the official statement from Samsung regarding this development.

Samsung still has options to salvage the situation including an appeal in the Higher Regional Court for fast track proceeding otherwise also the case will move to Higher Regional court automatically but as a normal case, which take time.

The current ban will continue until the higher regional court overturns it, which will take some time as Samsung is yet to announce its further course of action.

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  1. Since there are so many injunction filed by Apple against Samsung for Galaxy Tab 10.1, does this mean that Samsung will come up with new tablet design very quickly and at the same time, clear the existing stock of it very quickly. I mean, do we see HP WebOS tablet like situation where $499 tablet was sold at $99 ?

    I am really waiting for stock clearance.

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