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Android tablets with Intel inside coming in Q1, 2012

At the ongoing Intel Developer Forum during the Red Ridge reference design tablet session, a company representative revealed that first Honeycomb tablet with x86 processor inside will land in the market in first quarter of the next year. Most probably, the x86 processor in question here is the processor codenamed “Medfield”, which will also be a part of first Intel-Android smartphone and was powering the reference tablet.

The reference tablet is supposed to help manufactures while designing their own tablets with Intel processor inside. It featured 1280×800 LCD, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, WiFi, WiDi and 3G, and the initial Intel Atom based Android tablets will have similar specs and is likely to run on Android 3.2.  However the vendors working on these tablets haven’t been confirmed till now, but we are expecting Intel to rope in companies like Acer, Asus, Toshiba, and Dell, which already have a long relationship with intel via their PC businesses.

Google is already working with Intel to support Ice Cream Sandwich with its processors and so will future upgrades too, so get ready to see some real choice in terms of processors in the Android tablets in future.

via Verge

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