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Amazon Kindle Fire Vs Nook Color Vs Lenovo IdeaPad A1

Last 28 hours have been full of Amazon Kindle Fire news all around. From its much anticipated announcement yesterday to its pre-order and rumors of possible payout to Microsoft (after Samsung episode) because of patents, Amazon Kindle Fire was the biggest news.

It showed how companies can price their tablets so low and still think of making profits by selling the content. First such attempt came last year by Amazon competitor Barnes & Noble, which released Nook Color and it turned out to be a hit forcing Amazon to do the same.

As B&N is going to release its second generation Nook Color, Amazon released its first generation. While it is not fair to compare Kindle Fire with Nook Color, there is no other frame of reference right now; Nook Color is the tablet to what Amazon was aiming for. We will another comparison once B&N announces Nook Color 2 late next month or early-Nov.

We also chosen Lenovo’s IdeaPad A1, because it is the only budget tablet from a big manufacturer and it comes with full suite of Google Apps and Android Market.

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