Amazon Appstore now works in India [Update – Stops working]

Amazon seems to have silently opened the gates to its Android Appstore to countries outside US. After reports of roll-out in Australia, and Netherlands, we tried on our Android device in India and it worked flawlessly without any workarounds.

You simple have to visit on your Android device to download the appstore app and login with your Amazon credentials and bingo.. Get ready to download free premium apps everyday from Amazon Appstore.

Try on your Android device now to verify. is still saying that Appstore is only available in US, but that just waiting to be updated. We are hoping for an official announcement anytime now.

PS: Today’s free app on Amazon is Boxit 2, which is a puzzle game.

Update: It seems Amazon has pulled the plug, and Appstore does not work anymore. Hope everyone of you enjoyed it while it lasted. Seemed like a test exercise,  we hope to see official roll-out soon.

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