Toshiba’s ultra-thin Honeycomb tablet to be called Excite?

Remember, we reported yesterday about an unnamed Honeycomb tablet from Toshiba that is probably going to be announced at IFA 2011. Well, we now have a name for this tablet – it will be called Excite.

A trademark filing by the company at United States Patent and Trademark Office along with a series of domain name registration has hinted this name. Toshiba has registered domain names like ‘excitetablet.com,’ ‘excitetablet.net,’ toshibaexcite.com,’ ‘toshibaexcite.net,’ and ‘thetoshibaexcite.com’.

So, unless they suddenly come with a better name, Excite is the safest bet for the name of their next Honeycomb tablet. There are no details available currently about this tablet; but IFA is just 2 days away, so we will not have to wait for long.


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