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Spice MI-410 Gingerbread update now available

Spice has officially released Android 2.3 update for MI-410. Although, an unofficial update was already available, official is always good.  Update is 56.7MB in size, is available in a compressed RAR file from Spice website.

You will be able to download the update from here, and then follow these instructions.

  • Extract the RAR file using WinRar.
  • Copy the file extracted file to your SD card. Make sure it is placed in the root (not saved in a folder)
  • Insert the SD card to your device.
  • To enter bootloader mode, press and hold volume up + down + power buttons until you see the image of the Android logo.
  • Press ‘Home’key to show the update utility. Use the volume buttons to select the option “Download nb0 from SD card”.
  • Press ‘return or back arrow” to confirm.
  • Upgrade will start. You can see the progress of the update while you wait.

Your Spice Mi 410 is now updated to Android 2.3.4. Do share you experiences in the comments section.

You can also read official update instruction from Spice manual here.

Thanks Arun

50 thoughts on “Spice MI-410 Gingerbread update now available

  1. I think the updates is broken. I am not able to extract the .nb0 file from the rar file as it seems to be corrupt.

  2. hey avinash u can install the cherry mobile update for the spice mi410 i,e the 2.3.3 version ; that is available on or u can search for the update as well !

  3. this is not complete update, as it says start extracting from previous file,
    they might have uploaded the half file as all other gingerbread updates (for Huawei X6 or Magnum HD) are more than 150 mb in size …

  4. The file is broken. Unrar command line output says “You need to start extraction from previous volume.”

  5. full update available now on same link….. 143.30mb …… finally they did it …… just click on same page and same link …..

  6. broken link…

    Magnum HD update is not official update. and not for mi-410 that update is not good, and mobile will show cherry mobile , this is official update….from Spice Mobile…

  7. the link is dead. we will have to wait another few more day before we can get it in your device. for those who have installed please let us know…. the result with a video . please.

  8. Funny how they cannot even get a simple weblink right!
    Its now giving a .net error!
    I downloaded the 143mb file in the morning but it was blank!

  9. I have now bricked my phone..Its a disaster…Spice has always proven to be a non-reliable product.. [ Brick : Due to failed software upgrade attempt , the phone can only be used as a self defence device ]..

  10. @Innocuous : Sure thing, downloaded the whole thing.. Followed step by step.. Anyways no other ROM works on the phone to try.. Let me see I will try it again tonight.. Spice Dealers in B’lore themselves suggest that these phone dont have return value and its difficult to sale these phones…

    Will try again keep you guys posted.

  11. I was interested in buying this phone, but after going through some of the comments I will have to rethink on my options.

  12. friends i can help you out i have downloaded and installed it. if you need to see the video how i did look in to the site. its much better. peopel they have used the blueberry mobile sw. they are trying to fool us.
    but is having spice logo at startup. so they made some changes.

    SPICE people are fools. THEY HAVE NOT TOLD 1 important thing.

    friends please rename and use it..

    if the download link is dead mail me i will upload the file and give you friends the link

    chk the video in
    mail me in

  13. @john actually the phone is pretty good for the price range. Only problem is that being a spice branded phone, its not popular.
    @mohdafais can you upload the file and post link here?
    @android_help hope you manage to unbrick it!

  14. @mohdafaid I used the link provided by you to download the update. Flashed and its working. Successfully upgraded to 2.3.4.

  15. @mohdafais
    thanks downloading the same & i have given ur link @ XDA with full credit to u for the same hope its ok

  16. arun its afais, what is the error your getting let me know. i can help you. is it a password problem or the download file problem sty to give me a screen shoot . use the “prt sc” and paste it in paint and mail me in my mail id. in 2 days time 36 people have downloaded. so let me know what is your error.

    mail id is

  17. Anyone got this rooted? Tried the manual method by free radical too but unsuccessful.
    Don’t want to use clockwork recovery or anything else!

  18. hi friends!!
    after updating the mobile to gingerbread can we delete the firmware.nbo file on the sd-card or it should be on the sd-card?

  19. this is afais the one to give you the links and the video of installation.

    deepak you can delete it. once its updated. you can delete it. its of no use after that
    the file is 402MB so better delt to have more space. also as you can see the battery is
    much good after the update. also work well, much better now. see the video.

    and run you try to redownlod as i have said. and let me know. add me i can talk and
    help you out. my id is in my web page or above post.

  20. 2.2.2 was MUCH better in battery use!
    The android system is causing system to stay awake 85% of the uptime.

    Not recommended to upgrade. Plus its bloated with useless apps

  21. guys,
    im having a serious problem here… not able to upgrade with the official 2.3 saying there is some technical errors…..
    i had updated with the unofficial one earlier and now im not able to update to the official one.
    pls help.

  22. I love this phone… But I can’t afford the price… So looking for a used one in good condition… Pls call me ( 8907487327 ), if anyone want to sell ur mi-410…

  23. Hi,

    I had installed Cherry magnum GB update in MI410.. Now when I am trying to put MI410 GB update, I get error as`” prepare failed rc = -209, PID doesn’t match..”..
    please guide what should I do..


  24. Same Here….

    I alsoinstalled Cherry magnum GB update in MI410. Now with official update, I get error as`”prepare failed rc = -209, PID doesn’t match..”

    Please suggest solution..

  25. Hi Rakesh,
    Could you please explain the process bit detail???
    Mine also says same problem “prepare failed rc = -209, PID doesn’t match” after I upgraded with the Cherry Magnum GB2.3.4.

  26. Hi rakesh, the same problem i installed cherry magnum gb 2.3.4. i dont want this. i want back to normal version. wht i do. pls explain clearly.

  27. could install without any problem except that had to change the file name to firmware.nb0
    but having problems now. it has slowed down like hell. the power switch doe not immediately activates it as was the case. response is slow. and eats up much more battery!

  28. Hey guyz … bought a new MI 410 4 days ago… i upgraded to Android 2.3 yesterday … its very easy to upgrade it hardly took 10 – 15 min for me …. MI-410 is awesome fone … but the only concern is battery backup …. it lasts only for 12 hrs … i dont even use EDGE/GPRS, hardly receive or dial a call … dont even listen to music … but it dies after 12 hrs … dats a real concern for me … can ne 1 help me … is thr ne way to increase the battery backup????


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