Samsung Galaxy Tab getting Android 2.3.3 ‘Gingerbread’ update in India?

Reports are coming in that the original Samsung Galaxy Tab is getting Android 2.3.3 update in India. Update is available via Samsung Kies and baseband version is P1000DDJP4. If you face any problems in updating Tab, make sure that you have the latest version of Kies.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy Tab, check now – Gingerbread update might be waiting for you.  Do let us know your update experience in comments.

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  1. I tried to update android os on my 7 inch galaxy tab yesterday, here in the us. Not only does the newest version of kies say i am not eligible, But I cannot get any tech support because Samsung says my serial no is invalid. That is bull as the serial no is identical in 2 places and I purchased the device at a well known outlet (Compusa), so it is real. Then I tried a guided registration on Samsung’s site and as soon as I identified the galaxy as a tab (i.e. no cellphone carrier) – the next (mandatory) pull down menu was blank. It appears that if you boight a galaxy tab with no cellphone carrier here in the US, you have ZERO support. I am very disappointed in Samsung, who WAS (past tense) – becoming a favorite electronics vendor. VERY VERY POOR SAMSUNG BUSINESS PRACTICE

  2. I tried to upgrade firmware today as kies was showing there is firmware upgrade available for my galaxy tab. first of all kies looks so fragile. While downloading it timed out 3 times out of 5 times. My internet is 2 Mbps and speed is never less than 1 Mbps. so its not internet speed problem. When it succeeded to download all, when it started installing it failed saying my OS (windows XP) can’t recognize my phone (tab) and gave me set of steps to follow. first step was to remove the battery. But in galaxy tab you can’t remove the battery. This shows how carelessly software is written. Some of my friends work in Samsung and I think they were right when they say they just do copy paste. No innovation. Thanks god I am still able to use the TAB only thing is it’s still using 2.2. If anyone in India is able to succeed in installing the update through kies please update here.

  3. After updating the Kies, its now not connecting with Tab…. when I connect through USB, it doesn’t work and ask me to connect while its already connected…. any advise pls?

  4. Hey Guys !!!! Just finished upgrading the firmware.2.3.3 notification bar and icons are awesome…would post details regarding 2.3.3 later.

  5. done updating after 4 attempts, the inteface is much smoother now and the edge seems to run much faster now. although dont feel improvements in battery life.

    those who encounter time outs, thats because too many people are updating at the same time and the samsung servers get overloaded. best idea is to do it laye night. I updated two of my tabs at 3am without a hitch.
    as for the xp thing, make sure you have the drivers installed from kies, win7 doesnt need drivers.

  6. I faced almost all the problems, the friends posted above had. I was able to download the update without hitches, but the process stopped many times because the tab wasn’t recognized. Finally, after three or four attempts, i managed to update.

    I find the new software better in all respects. Earlier, i had problems of connecting my Bluetooth headset (it froze the tab after some time), and now, it seems to work fine. The OS seems faster, and i can see a definite improvement in battery life.

    Overall,the update was worth the effort.

  7. Updated to 2.3.3 after some failed attempts. Must update Kies first before upgrading firmware. Built-in Email app keeps crashing. 3 Smooth icons added. Not much change visible. Lets hope battery and wifi improves after the update.

  8. I have the latest verison of Kies ( and have been connecting my tab 4-5 times a day since i read this article. Kies recognises my tab pretty flawlessly and always has been, but i havent received an update notification. I was pleasantly surprised when i read that the update is finally here in India, but now im back to being an anxious Tab owner, hoping that the next time i connect my tab ill see the elusive update notification. I’m in Bombay and bought my tab in April locally (from Croma). Any suggestions/comments on my predicament? Thanks in advance!

  9. I upgraded my Galaxy Tab to 2.3 Gingerbread. The built in Email app is crashing. Does not load at all. Any help will be deeply appreciated.

  10. My update was successfull. I was able retain all of my apps. accept the email app which crashed. as shafaat had mention. however after reinstallation of the app the same was then working fine. battery performance is now excllent. above all I am now able to make skype video calls.

  11. those who’re having trouble with mail or other apps, go into the bootloader after upgrading and perform a hard reset. should work fine after that.

  12. I have tried many times to update Galaxy Tab, However it just keeps crashing or timed out or something like that. I guess samsung kies is just not able to do the required update due whatever reasons. Only option left is to get it updated through their service centers.

  13. Hi! All

    Ineed help.

    I had purchased ,y Galaxy Tab P1000 in India last year,,now I am in canada.

    When ever i connect to Kies, latest version also installed, it shows no update available.

    or my Tab cannot be upgraded thru Kies, etc.

    Pls. help


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