Samsung Galaxy Ace getting Gingerbread update in India

Samsung India has started rolling out Android 2.3.4 update for Galaxy Ace in the country. Update is now available via Samsung Kies. Full change-log is not available right now, but according to the previous announcement from Samsung, this update increases battery life, improved user interface, faster access and control and a more intuitive user experience in addition to improved copy-paste functionality.

The new update also adds the much needed Indic languages support, which was earlier missing in the smartphone. So what are you waiting for, download Kies now and download the update.

As you would know every update is rolled out in batches, so if you don’t get the update on the first go – don’t worry, you will get in the next few days. According to Samsung, you will soon be able to get your Ace updated by going to a service center also, so if not possible via Kies, go to your nearest service center.

Drop in your experiences with the updated Galaxy Ace in the comments. Also you can help out others by mentioning how you were able to successfully update the device.

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107 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Ace getting Gingerbread update in India

  1. Thanks for the putting this up (you are the first to broadcast this info)… it seems I waited for an eternity for this. Started upgrade process, should be completed soon. Will definitely share the experience.

  2. Samsung kies software is totally rubbish kept saying preparing firmware upgrade components for last 2 hours not doing anything have tried it almost ten times by now on my and my friend’s computer

  3. Just updated my phone to gingerbread.. the phone is working much better than before…

    Just a request if anyone has rooted their phone on 2.3.4 then let me know

  4. Yes i updated my Galaxy Ace today it so cool . waiting for this for a long time….
    I also face the “Preparing firmware upgrade compnents ” problem. But its not kies problem.
    if you have attached any other hardware to your system such as your sd card , camera , printer any thing to usb than it will not update. In my case i attache my net usb modem to my pc that cause the problem. i resolve it by removing my usb modem and update via wifi network…. Happy Updating….

  5. Updated Galaxy Ace with Gingerbread 2.3.4. Facing problem with Wifi communication.
    Connects to WPA secured wifi but apps can’t communicate over Wifi data connection. 3G HSDPA works fine on BSNL Mobile.

    Galaxy Ace has a good support for Hindi websites. Other Galaxy phones don’t render hindi websites.

  6. My experience was not an experience at all… very simple and quick upgrade via Kies.

    Just downloaded the upgrade, it installed itself, and done. Took less than half an hour.

    Lots of little things have changed. The font, the top bar (it’s now pitch-black and its icons have changed), a Talkback keyboard option, a battery graph, a downloads manager, a revamped music player and awesome cut-copy-paste functionality are the main highlights.

    The battery life seems to have been improved as well(it took a full day of moderate use to bring it down only one notch). Only pitfall seems that Ace seems to take up some more RAM thank usual in standby mode. Other than that, everything is very good.

  7. For people who are stuck with “preparing firmware upgrade components” screen in Kies, try running Kies as Administrator if you are using it in Windows Vista or Windows 7. If all else fails, find a computer with Windows XP and Kies will update your Ace to Gingerbread without a sweat!

  8. hello all, I have Ace, my vibrator is somehow not working properly. I had been waiting for this update since long. Lets see when I update it, if the vibrator starts working again.

    btw, is anybody having this issue?

  9. i.hav bought galaxy ace recently.wen i try to connect my mail for exchange it is showing as could not auto discover.should i update any mailsync

  10. Hi guys it took about 1 hr for my phone to connect n get upgraded.

    Fortunately I didn’t face any hassles as many of u have experienced.

    I really find the phone to be much better n smooth in operation than the previous OS, also the battery life has improved significantly.

    If anyone has rooted the phone from the official upgrade of Gingerbread for Ace then please let me know.

    I want to get my phone rooted asap

  11. No luck guys… Tried 10-12 times… Still “preparing firmware upgrade components”… Can any1 help me out… Some1 said windows XP might help. I am having Windows 7 ultimate (64 bit)…….

  12. @akshay i also have the same OS.. may be it’s the internet connection ur problem.. i have 512 kbps mtnl connection

    if problem persists go to the nearest samsung service center, they will surely get it upgraded for u

  13. i have 4mbps bsnl broadband….upgrade downloaded in 20 minutes and now in mobile screen downloading….from last 5 much time it will take

  14. I have the same problem, i tried updating it for more than 5 times now.Everytime when i try to update, the downloading goes upto 85% in kies and after that it shows the downloading screen in my mobile and then in the kies it shows ‘preparing firmware upgrade components’ with 0%…i am using windows 7 ultimate (32 bit), nothing is connected to my laptop while updating other than my mobile.i turned off my antivirus and firewall before updating.i aslo tried restarting the computer many a times but nothing helps.Can some one help me out in installing the update.Thanks in Advance.

  15. Hi Guys,
    I was able to download the update via Kies in just about an hour.
    I would recommend everyone to use Windows Xp while Updating, if you are facing Problems.
    Good that Samsung have Released the Update….
    As far as Gingerbread is concerned the Battery Backup has actually increased…

  16. Try 1: The file was downloaded by Kies, and again it was downloading another file in a new window, it downloaded 6% and suddenly the window disappeared. WTF Samsung.

  17. no luck from the last 6

    Got issue in win7 – so moved to xp
    Got issue in XP – minimum 3GB required
    cleared c drive and got 3 GB free space

    now kies not responding after cliclking on upgrade.

  18. Try 2: SUCCESSFUL:

    It took me about 30-35 minutes. I left the computer totally idle for that time. Make sure it does not hibernate or go to sleep when its idle.

    My Enviornment Config.
    1. Dell Insp. with windows 7 x64 ultimate.
    2. DSL Internet 1 MBps

    Heres what I did before upgrade.
    1. Disabled firewall.
    2. Added Kies to exceptions list, so that it is allowed to make unrestricted net access.

    And the GingerBread is ready.

  19. @Gaurav Sharma
    Thanx Gaurav 🙂 I have 1 mbps Fivenet connection in Mumbai. Transfer rate is about 110kbps. I even reinstalled kies bt no luck. Same again. Hope service centers come up with the update asap.

  20. Hi All,

    I did update my Ace to 2.3.4,its seems good.

    While downloading dont connect any other device expect Ace and it downloads new Os which is more than 100MB. so u need to have good net speed for faster upgrade.


  21. Hey All,

    Am still not able to update,do we need to unmount the memory card from mobile before we start the updation process..? pls help.


  22. i have updated my samsung galaxy ace. it easily get updated within in a hour. without much clicks. phone seems to be working fine, the only thing using more ram. very good score in quadrant benchmark, but angry bird still lags a bit.

  23. yessssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!
    finally upgraded to gingerbread 2.3.4.
    UI seems fast.
    one thing i want to know is that if we reset our phone to factory settings in the recovery mode,will we revert back to froyo or gingerbread?
    Somebody answer this please…………

  24. Plz tell me processor….phn should b on off mode or not…i remvd memory card nd sim..aftr i turn on phn nd upgrade started aftr 69% downloaded files encrpted nd screen stucked on 0% nd aftr mesz came not succesfull recover ur old firmware nd this is the recovry key….wht d hell is dis…plz tell me processor for upgrade from starting to end…

  25. @parveen
    I too had the same problem, after more than 10 unsuccessful tries finally i found out a way to install it…u need to uninstall kies (Even though the kies that you have on the computer is a latest version) and reinstall it .Also make sure that u remove the kies folder completely from your computer before u install the new one…after uninstalling kies, go to computer->program files->samsung and delete the kies folder from dont have to remove the SD card and sim from your mobile to perform the updation,you’ll not lose any data.Happy upgradation….try this and do let me know the status.

  26. @Praveen
    No need to switch off the phone….install the kies and connect the phone to the computer,it’ll tell u that a latest vesion of firmware available,just accept it and start installing the firmware.make sure that you dont have nothing connected to the USB ports in your computer other than your mobile.

  27. After staying awake for whole night i got the updation done 🙂 🙂
    @praveen- i faced the same issue, you just have to remove your battery once and reinstall it then open the phone in downloading mode(ie press volume down + power key + home button ,while the phone is off) and connect to kies it will upgrade automatically in 2-3 minutes..

  28. just forget it…when the update is not successfuly installed on your phone then u’ll get this message from kies…once u uninstall and reinstall kies u’ll not get this message…even if u get this message just ignore it and start installing the update.

  29. thnx bro…upgrade is downloading and now it is on 51%….upgrade always going till 69% and thn directly 85% and after new window opening and stucked on 0%..thn mesz come that no response from s5830…failed….ok i downloaded kies in new pc and stat upgrade…let see wht hapning this tym

  30. @parveen – dude just do the emergency firmware recovery by putting the phone on recovery/downloading mode.. it will upgrade… i did it today…

  31. Can anyone please tell me the procedure and also that if the update process is unsucesful will my ace will be dead?? Reply fast please

  32. @darsh —> hi darsh, dont worry if u have samsung kies software which is updated(to update either go to samsung website and update or with use of kies software u can update), then u can easily download the latest firmware.Go to updated kies software and check for firmware updates it will show the latest firmware vesion ending with KQ5. Just click update. It takes around 1 hr depending on network speed. Thats it u r with gingerbread 2.3.4.Restart ur phone to refresh and u r loaded with good features like battery life and so on …….. Dont worry urs wont get dead.U can do it as its an official release now in india…. njoy buddy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. if did this update over the Kies 2.0.2, what about my phone warranty ?
    i m still having 7 months of warranty period.

  34. kies isnt connectin my ace….i reinstalld it…updated it yet it show connecting connecting only….ne1 wid ne suggestions i really want de gingerbread update!!!!!!

  35. if i did this update over the Kies 2.0.2, what about my phone warranty ?
    i m still having 7 months of warranty period.
    please anyone help me….

  36. Hi, My Galaxy Ace screen shows DOWNLOADING… from more than an hour. I believe it has got stuck. What to do now?

  37. hi

    i am getting the preparing firm ware upgrade components problem.

    can any one please let me know how to get rid of this

    i downloaded latest kies and i am using windows 7

  38. gr8 gingerbread is on my phone now….

    I have a slow gprs connection ,so had to look for other options to update .

    So downloaded the official Indian version of Gingerbread ROM (119MB) for Samsung Galaxy Ace.
    ie. Android 2.3.4 S5830DDKQ5 and updated it with Odin…..

    Gingerbread tastes yummy now…

  39. Hey, I left my Ace for upgrade via Kies before sleeping. When I woke up, the Ace was showing the Downloading screen. And the internet connection had disconnected. Now I am not able to get back to my Home screen. the screen is blank when i power off and on.

  40. and FirmwareRecovery is giving an error. The only solution to this is going to Samsung Service? I hope its not a case of bricking.

  41. Updating through Kies is really hard and buggy. You can get the firmware from Samfirware and Update it through Odin (Google how to update your fw through Odin) or simply carry your device to any nearest Samsung service Centre, if they have not provided with Gingerbread, atleast they will update to Froyo for time being.

  42. @parveen – ACE wont support flash player, no matter what version of OS u have on the mobile.

    @Vikram – For me its working fine,if u still have problem accessing your corporate emails better use touchdown 2.0, you can get it from android market.

    @Aditya – Nothing to worry, it happens to everyone while updating firmware, no need to panic…just remove your battery and put it back on and then try upgrading the firmware.Don’t worry about the recovery message that you get from the kies,just ignore it.Read through my earlier posts you’ll get an idea on how to perform the firmware update.

    @akshay- Read through my post in the previous page and follow the steps,you’ll be able to update it.

  43. I tried to upgrade through Kies atleast 8-10 times. Everytime either it downloads and then message appears in PC “Time Out” or if it downloads and decompress binary then it goes into emergency recovery mode and ask to do emergencey recovery (which never happens).
    What to do? Where am I wrong?

  44. i am unable to upgrade throu kies… any 1 knows which samsung service center will upgrade to 2.3.4 in NEW DELHI.i visited nr pahargunj serv center …they r telling they dont know abt official release….help me guys plsss

  45. Wtf! Just frustrated now… for last 2 weeks I had “Preparing firmware upgrade components “ message… Now I tried on windows XP… I became very happy as I got rid of that msg & downloading started… It went to 69% & then directly to 85%… and then again WTF! It went to 0% & after some time “emergency recovery”… This hapnd thrice… Guys, I am just too much frustrated now… Coz not even any service center in Mumbai is offering this upgrade… Kies sucks!!!

  46. @Shankar
    Thanx a lot yaar! You saved me from further frustration… Ur instruction of using combination keys to get into downloading mode helped me. Thanx again dude!!! 🙂

  47. just upgraded to gingerbread through KIES, smooth procedure and no problems at all…. will have to use for some more days to check it if it has any probems….

  48. Hi Akshay

    I too am facing the same problem ie the emergency recovery thing. Can you list down stepwise as to how i can upgrade to Gingerbread?

    Thanks in advance


  49. I got the following information from Samsung India customer service on 14th September
    As per Information Samsung mobile model GT-S5830 is coming with v2.2
    Android Version , v2.3 (GINGERBREAD) Android version , we don’t have any
    official upgradation info in INDIA so kindly bear with us till then.
    So apparently its not officially released in India

  50. Hi Venkatesh,

    When the update reaches to 69% & then directly to 85% & when “emergency recovery” message comes up… Press OK then remove ur phone from the cable–> Take out the battery & insert it again–> Start ur phone by pressing “power button+volume down+home button” Now the phone will start in downloading mode showing the same “Downloading” screen. Now connect ur phone to ur computer & start emergency recovery.
    Within 10-15 minutes ur phone should be ready with 2.3.4 GINGERBREAD!!!

    Best of Luck.

  51. Samsung customer care executive’s don’t know about this update….But still its a official release….bcoz its available on Samsung’s own Kies 2.0.2 . I hope you all people now clear about this…if its not official u can’t get this update on Kies…….

  52. Hi Akshay

    I tried your process, i connected after entering the downloading mode, kies showed 85% progress, then entered “emergency recovery” mode and after sometime moved to another screen showing 0% downloading. Finally after 5 mins kies flashed a message that “Firmware emergency recovery stopped due to GT-S5830 error”. Any idea what else i can try?

  53. I guess its just to do with Windows 7. everytime i tried through kies in Win7 it would stop after taking backup of contacts and say “KIES stopped working” and asked me to close the program. I have tried for a few weeks now and then thought of downgrading to XP. I downgraded to XP to see if thats the reason and it IS! in xp it just took 15-20 min for the upgrade and i have Gingerbread now!! so back to win 7 (i know its insane to do something like that) all the best to all those still trying to update still. Samsung should do something about this compatibility issue.

  54. Dear all,
    I too am facing trouble in upgrading the firmware. I first upgraded Kies to version. Post that when I choose the firmware upgrade option, it showed Current firmware KA7 & upgrade available to KQ5. On starting with upgrade, the download starts and randomly between 10% & 30% it gives an error “Failed to run firmware upgrade. Unknown error occured.” and exits. I have tried this multiple times but same result. I am using Win Vista and have over 10 GB disk space free in all drives. Any clues anyone.
    Thanks in anticipation.

  55. @ajay- you can update ur ace in home…nothing to worry.
    recommended PC configuration is, win XP 32bit, 3 GB of free hard disc(to install kies 2.0.2 if u r not having), and a minimum Mbps internet connection Required download size is 119 MB( firmware Rom). All the best

    Pls note that, this update is not available in service center yet.

  56. hey ! is my phone going to snap better videos out with the update as mentioned ! ?? pls
    help me out ! i mean at 480p! pls pls pls^1 trrilion help me! ^ 2 trrilion

  57. Is it necessary to update the Kies software before proceeding to update the firmware of the OS.
    If I do not do so the it shows an error message the cannot find an internet connection even though it is connected to the internet.

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