Motorola Xoom WiFi getting Android 3.1 update in Canada

Motorola has announced the availability of Android 3.1 for Xoom WiFi owners in Canada. This update will bring support for resizing widgets, use a Bluetooth headset during video chats and much more.

The software update includes:

  • Improved multi-tasking providing instant visual access to a larger number of applications
  • Support for USB-connected peripherals and accessories, such as keyboards, mice, game controllers and digital cameras
  • Expanded Bluetooth® features to support Bluetooth® headsets in Google Talk™ video chats, Bluetooth® mouse support, and additional shortcut keys with the Bluetooth® keyboard
  • SD Card support for up to 32GB expandable memory
  • Preloaded File Manager
  • Easy photo file transfer to a PC with the Picture Protocol Feature

Update has already started rolling out and will reach your device very soon.

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  1. I hope that now with the Google purchase of Motorola, the products will get faster updates and the users can control their devices more. Maybe Google will have more control of their updates making software updates much faster. I will definitely be on the lookout for Motorola’s new devices. I hope that trickles down to phones as well.

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