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More details revealed about Sony S1, S2 tablets

Sony might have officially announced its Honeycomb tablets S1 and S2, but the details on these tablets are still scarce. A recent leak from CNET has brought some new details on both these tablets.

Sony S1:

  • Will come in four variants – 16GB Wi-Fi only; 16GB Wi-Fi and 3G; 32GB Wi-Fi; and 32GB Wi-Fi and 3G
  • Feature full-size SD Card
  • 9.4 inch IPS Display with Trueblack & Bravia Technologies
  • Accessories – Dock, Bluetooth Keyboard
  • Expected launch just before IFA Berlin
  • PS3 connectivity (DLNA and possible remote play/remote keyboard)
  • Infrared Remote

Sony S2:

  • Will come in two variants – 16GB 3G, 32GB 3G, there won’t be any WiFi only versions.
  • Expected launch just before IFA Berlin

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