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HTC to provide web-based tool to unlock bootloaders

HTC has detailed the procedure to unlock Sensation and Evo 3D smartphones, and it’s not a piece of cake.

Company is asking users to register an account with it, accept all the legal nitty-gritties and then retrieve a device identifier token by connecting you device to a computer with Android SDK installed. This unique identifier will be used in the web tool to get a unlock key, and apply that key to initiate the unlocking procedure on your device.

HTC is going to push a software update for international version of Sensation, followed by Sensation 4G and Evo 3D to lay the ground work.  Company has also stated that future devices will continue to come with locked bootloaders and you will have to use this cumbersome procedure to unlock it.

On the upside, company is following the earlier announced timeline to provide this unlock took, but on the downside it is not exactly what users have been waiting for.

HTC Facebook| image via Tested

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