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HTC slashes Salsa price in India to INR 16K

HTC has decreased the price of Android smartphone Salsa in India. HTC Salsa was launched this June in the country for a price of INR 22,000. As the smartphone was way over-priced from the day one, I suppose HTC did not see decent number of sales, leading to today’s price cut.

This seems to be an in-store pricing, as none of the online retailers have reduced their prices or maybe they will do that soon [Update: Flipkart, Letsbuy have slashed the prices.]

Salsa comes with a dedicated Facebook button, and deeply integrated its functionality in smartphone. Other features of the smartphone include Android 2.3, 800MHz processor, 5-megapixel rear camera with VGA forward-facing camera, 3.4-inch display with 480 x 320 resolution and HTC Sense.

0 thoughts on “HTC slashes Salsa price in India to INR 16K

  1. Hopefully people did not buy this when it launched and went for other better models.
    Whoever did buy it will sure be ticked off

  2. How come the phone has a MSM7227 and a Adreno 205 :S THe MSM7227 SOC has a Adreno 200. Even gsmarena says so. I am confused!
    Also price is down to Rs.15,099 in flipkart and letsbuy. So you can get it for Rs.13,899 using ICICILB coupon in letsbuy which is good even if it has a MSM7227 and great if it really has a Adreno 205!

  3. All HTC phones are overpriced. One should wait for a couple of months for the prices to fall down due to low sales. Check out the case with Flyer, and Chacha sooner than later.

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