Facebook launches Messenger for Android

As a part of Facebook’s unified messaging framework, this social networking giant has launched its messaging app for Android. Dubbed as Messenger, this app lets you send messages to anyone in your friends list or even the phone contacts and these messages are delivered as texts, notifications or directly to the Messenger app.

So, you don’t have to worry if your contact does not have a smartphone or whether he/she will not check Facebook for a long time.

Messenger is a separate app from the official Facebook app for Android. It also makes to easier to contact bunch or friends or ping the entire list. So, next time when you have to wish everyone ‘New Year’ in you contact list on phone/FB – All you have to do type the message in FB Messenger and send it to all. Some will get it on their open Facebook Window, while the offline folks will get it as a text on their mobile phones etc..

You can also attach your location or photos. I don’t how that will work in text messages but those on messenger or Facebook.

Messenger app is now available for download in Android Market, and for some unknown reason I am not able to download the app in India. Facebook hasn’t mentioned anywhere that it is a limited roll-out or what; we are trying to find out the exact reason.

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  1. @gaurav,,,its a sequenced roll out….cannada and US first…and even if you get hold of the apk…the sms wont work….(it said “sent” but i didnt receive the sms on my “featurephone”)

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