Budget Android tablets in India [A Quick Comparison]

Waiting for a budget Android tablet, well suddenly the Indian market is full of them. We have seen a number of manufacturers launching cheap Android tablets in the last few days, from Beetel to yesterday’s big announcement from LACS. There is finally a lot of choice available.

As Google is yet to release Honeycomb source code and it’s only available to select manufacturers, all the budget Android tablets landing in India are either running on FroYo or Gingerbread. Anyways, did a quick specs comparison of all the budget Android tablets that have been launched in the recent days. If you are planning to go for one, this should help you in choosing the best.

0 thoughts on “Budget Android tablets in India [A Quick Comparison]

  1. what would be the price of LACS tamarind 10inch tab.
    seems a decent 7 inch tab.
    a 10 inch tab would be gd.
    3G with wifi is a must with such portable tabs.
    samsung galaxy comes in the forte but it is too costly for a 7inch tab.

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