Bharat Electronics develops Android tablet for poverty survey

Reports are coming in that Bharat Electronics Ltd has developed an Android tablet for Ministry of Rural Development. This tablet will be used for Ministry’s poverty survey and is likely to cost around Rs. 3,000 apiece.

BEL CMD Ashwani Kumar Datt was quoted saying that, “Although it is not a prime product for the Defence electronics behemoth, it will supply six lakh pieces this year, most of them expected to be delivered in record time by end-November.”

This tablet will feature Android 2.2, solar powered battery, cloud connectivity and possibly a resistive display. BEL seems to have already supplied the first batch of 2,000 tablets.

Datt did not rule out taking it to the retail market; “Having done this, we would try to continue having some business out of this,” he added.


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  1. Some tablets are available with USB host. Connect that to USB keyboard available for around rs. 1000, and you get this one.

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