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Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro up for pre-order, launching next week in India

SE Xperia Mini Pro

Waiting for little Androids from Sony Ericsson, then you are in luck. It seems Sony Ericsson is going to launch at least one of them – Xperia Mini Pro in India next week.

Pro is now available for pre-order at Flipkart for INR 15,099, not bad for a phone that comes with 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon under the hood.  Other features of the phone include Android 2.3, 5MP camera, front facing camera, 3 inch Reality display with Bravia Engine and 512 MB RAM.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro is listed for an estimated release next week. We are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that it does not get delayed.

Update: Well, the launch has been delayed. More on the delay here.

 Thanks for the tip Sridhar

10 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro up for pre-order, launching next week in India

  1. damn the screen size and resolution killed it. otherwise a scopio + adreno 205 with qwerty at ths price is amazing. and loaded with gingerbread and front facing camera. why SE why? why the piss poor resolution?

  2. @abhifx dude a se phone with such features is still a pretty good deal at this price point. U add a wvga res to it and I don’t see any phone not going the north of 20 grands.
    btw, going by the flipkart price, I’m pretty sure it will land here in delhi below the 15k mark:)

  3. for 3 inch phones thats a brilliant resolution , Also keep in mind because its smaller screen and proper res, the battrey life will be good on this . and cpu and gpu will have more performance .

    high res isn’t always a good , i have 3.2 inch phone with same res and tbh i dont think i need more.

  4. There are multiple phones at this price range with wvga resolution.
    Not all applications will work on x10 mini because of low resolution. Pretty bad since the hardware is decent and i realy want a qwerty android phone. Desire z is a bit expensive

  5. why sony always f*cks on screen size & resolution. I too want a keyboard phone in this price range or even lower but atleast 3.2″ screen with 640 X 480 pixels.

  6. @abhifx can u plz specify which kind of apps will not work? & does this phone support adobe flash 10.3 ? i want to buy this phone but after some price drop…..lolz

  7. All app’s will work on 320×480 resolution :@ .
    and new market resizes apps according to ur device please stop saying wrong shit

  8. price n specs luks gud!!!! Bt i hate the timescape ui.. Can i change it by using any of the launchers??

  9. @abhifx

    Dude please check before u reply , its not that hard.
    the reason x10 mini doesnt support all apps is because it has 240 x 320 pixels, 2.55 inches
    And the new is 320 x 480 big difference.

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