Samsung Galaxy SL getting Gingerbread update in India? [Update – NO]

Update: We apologize of the confusion, it seems Samsung was just releasing some maintenance update, not Gingerbread.  

Reports are coming in that Samsung Galaxy SL is getting the much awaited Gingerbread update in India. It is available via Samsung Kies and can be downloaded now.

Gingerbread update will bring refined copy/paste functionality, speed enhancements and improved power management among several improvements to your phone.

We are waiting for more details on the update, so if you have updated your Galaxy SL, do let us know about the changes in the comments.


Thanks Sebastian for the tip


20 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy SL getting Gingerbread update in India? [Update – NO]

  1. Its not Gingerbread…..I repeat its not Gingerbread……its the same old Froyo (2.2.1)……..Its just an maintenance update…!!!

  2. Today Samsung kies showed there is an firmware upgrade available for my Galaxy SL. I upgraded to latest firmware. But it is still showing Froyo 2.2.1 as my OS version. Kies showing i have latest firmware on my phone. I am confused

  3. This is just an Froyo maintainence update, not sure what it has fixed but this is not definatly noy Gingerbread.

    Looks like we will have to give up on samsung as far as this model goes.They promised 2nd week of july, july has ended, gingerbread nowhere in sight.

    Samsung is also part of the android fast updates group but that counts for notthing i guess looking at the pathetic attitude shown by samsung to this model…

  4. It’s a maintenance update. I updated by SL yesterday night. Initially it got disconnected quite some time but then eventually got installed. It is NOT a GINGERBREAD update….!!!!

  5. Just updated my Galaxy SL I9003 but was very very disappointed to find out that it is still Froyo!! The build no. is now FROYO.DDKF1

    I spent 2 days taking backups of everything on my phone and laying the red carpet for Gingerbread, but all in vain:-(

    Does any know when the official gingerbread update is due??

  6. The update keeps getting disconnected while being downloaded. Yes the present version has an issue with force closure after uninstalling. Application thru ‘manage applications’ menu. Also the touch wiz launcher did crash on my handset few times. at times I had to resort to three button reset trick to get the handset working again. I guess twice. Anybody else with similar issue?

  7. I tried this new firmware update in my phone through Kies. Initially it failed 10-15 ties but later it downloaded 100% but now it is not getting installed, it says ‘FirmwareUpgrade has stopped working’. Please tell me the solution to get rid of this error! Thanks.

    Just an opinion, Samsung should really test its updates throughly before launching them.

  8. samsung will not focus for the model sll i9003…its put shit to us are using this model…no GB firmware update from the KIES….why samsung? what happen to this model haa…

  9. Guys dont panic. Gingerbread for i9003 is available unofficially. Its working fine on my device. Battery is improved very much. Everything is working very smooth. increased ram from 478mb to 487mb. You can get Gingerbread 2.3.4 from

  10. the update has improved some memory management i guess. after the update i can see less total memory being used by my SL-I9003

  11. It has added the ability to switch off geo tagging in camera strings. It was previously missing on galaxy sl thou was always available on galaxy s

  12. The firmware update released on July 26th removed the crash issues on Galaxy SL.

    These are the changes that I noticed.

    1) No more annoying gapps closed unexpectedly message.

    2) No more error message while uninstalling

    3) Better UI response.

    Still, eagerly waiting for gingerbread since that will allow video calling over 3rd party messengers.

  13. but the samfirmware is it ok ? i mean there are certain issues with it like the camera or i herd 3g ?? certain issues, would not samsung give an update on kies .. Please listen samsung guys dont sleep

  14. but i updated gingerbread through kies. after my update it shows “gingerbread.xwkpg” “ver-2.3.5” “baseband ver-i9003ddkp3” “kernal ver- root@DELL149#1” which is this ver? is it original?

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