Samsung Galaxy S II Android 2.3.4 firmware leaked

A new Galaxy S2 firmware XXKG1, which is based on Android 2.3.4 was leaked recently. It is said to have fixed screen on lag when you wake up via Home Button, brings Google Talk Video chat support, and other fixes.

The download and flashing instructions are available here.

Thanks Rushabh for the tip.

5 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S II Android 2.3.4 firmware leaked

  1. Impressions for the upgrade..
    The screen on lag is gone.
    Gtalk has the option of video chat now.
    Battery consumption by android system also seems to be less.

    Overall.. good job by samsung.

  2. But how does it perform on a day to day bases? I am so tired of the lag my Sprint EVO 4G. It freezes so often when i try to answer the phone. No, i have not installed any funky APP. I pretty much have the stock install. I’m definitely not changing to the iPhone even if sprint gets the iPhone 5. So i’m just waiting to see what Android phone is worth the upgrade for the money.

  3. Will it be a problem if i flash the non indian firmware to galaxy s2 bought in India? I have heard it can create problems with 3g and 2g connectivity.. and Kies will never recognize the new firmware version so updating through Kies wont work after that.. you will always have to use Odin for the same..

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