Motorola Pro released in France with SFR

This is not the final image

What was released as Droid Pro and Motorola XPRT in United States, has now been launched in France as Motorola Pro. Motorola today introduced the smartphone with telecom operator SFR.

It will be sold for around €299 without a term contract.

Motorola Pro Features:

  • Full AZERTY keyboard [The French version of the standard QWERTY keyboard. AZERTY keyboards differ from the QWERTY keyboard in that the Q and W keys have been interchanged with the A and Z keys.]
  • 3.1” touchscreen display
  • Android 2.2
  • Built-in security features, including AuthenTec IPSec multi-headed VPN integration, remote wipe of device and SD card, and complex password support. Device and SD card encryption
  • 5MP camera with auto focus and dual LED flash
  • Wi-Fi-enabled DNLA connectivity

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