Lenovo’s 7 inch IdeaPad spotted?

A device possibly Lenovo’s 7 inch version of Android tablet IdeaPad was spotted today in two blurry images. While nothing is confirmed, this does look like a seven inch slate.

According to Engadget, it has been code named A1-07 and is powered by TI OMAP3631 processor. It is same processor present in Nook Color, hinting towards an entry level device.

Other features include 3G support, WiFi, GPS, microSD card slot, 3700 mAh battery and front/rear cameras. The typical Android buttons are also present – suggesting the presence of Android 2.x and further cementing the entry-level nature of the device.

It can be an old prototype of a tablet, which was later shelved by Lenovo, but that is just a hunch. Hoping to see more such leaks in the days to come.

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