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Indian Iconia Tab A500 Android 3.1 update delayed [Update – Live now]

Although Android 3.1 update for Acer Iconia Tab A500 made its international debut yesterday, Indian users will have to wait for some more time. International roll out is expected to take almost a month to reach every user.

On the other hand, the situation for Indian users is altogether different. According to TMI, Acer India is saying that due to the lack of proper support by telecom operators the OTA roll out has been deferred in India and will probably come via a software update tool. But it seems a bad excuse because HTC devices have always got the OTA updates in India.

Anyways, Indian users will have to wait for late July or early August for the update.

Update: It seems some of our readers have got the Android 3.1 update in India.

10 thoughts on “Indian Iconia Tab A500 Android 3.1 update delayed [Update – Live now]

  1. Service Providers? Where do they come into play considering the only version on sale from acer is the wifi one?

    Poor way of deflecting the blame acer.

  2. Exactly thats what I have mentioned this in another site Ray…where do operators come in between OTA update?”
    HTC do OTA without operators….this is just lame excuse and reason is they are being lazy and not updated the build for Indian consumers to 1.14xx.x which is needed to get 3.1.
    people who updated yesterday in India got 3.0.1 update only but just build got updated.

  3. @Amit,

    What build are you on? I’m still on 1.139.04, which is what is stopping me from slapping on the update file from xda manually.

    Did you get the 1.14x update?


    Care to ask the Acer reps for a comment on the whole service provider thing? I mean, come on, for a wifi only tablet, not even close to being an excuse.

  4. Ray I m on 3.1 finally….force check for update and you should get it.
    it has some changes noticebly but still digging deep for more.
    Mod blame the browser coz it dint show my comment in waiting:-)

  5. Amit’s right.

    I can confirm that I received the v3.1 update this morning (in Bangalore). I haven’t played around too much but everything seems noticeably smoother.

  6. ^Amit, i got the update today morning as well ๐Ÿ™‚

    Wondering what was with all the statements from Acer now.

  7. Can confirm that I got my update today morning.I guess the PR guys and the tech guys are not in sync. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. @ravi ACER SYNC not working in acer Depts ๐Ÿ˜€
    @Ray I even wanna know what Acer has to say about this update which got delayed for a DAY by mobile operator’s fault.
    @Interloper….your rite mate…can feel smoothness all around and things I noticed is that Mobile Module thing which was hogging battery has been done with.
    I did had a FC with google maps which was infact updated before 3.1 update rest all seems good but gotta dig deep today.

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