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Best Android phones to buy in India (July, 2011)

We are here with yet another edition of our monthly  compilation of best Android devices in the Indian Market. We try to incorporate all the latest launches and compare them with the already available devices in the market – thus coming out with a list of devices that we think are best in their category right now.

It is a subjective list and as users your feedback matters the most. So do drop in your thoughts in the comments section.  We are choosing only a few devices per category, but that does not necessarily other devices are not good – it’s just that that these devices stands out.

Dual-core Android smartphones: [20K+]

Samsung Galaxy S II: Without any doubt, if you have money this is the phone to go for. It has got its share of criticism due to heating issues, which will probably be sorted out by a future firmware update.

Price: INR 29,999 | Android version: 2.3.3 | Review here

Other options in this category – HTC Sensation & LG Optimus 2X

Single-core high end Android smartphones:  [INR 20K+]

There is quite a competition in this category. It was hard to make a decision between them, yet we have decided on two phones with single core processors.

Incredible-S_1HTC Incredible S: A very potent Android smartphone from HTC, a rather new smartphone although HTC has been releasing single core Android phone since HTC Desire. Clubbed with Android 2.3.3 and 4 inch display with an 8MP HD shooter, Incredible S makes a strong case.

Price: INR 25,940 | Android version – 2.3.3

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc: This awesome looking device from Sony Ericsson comes with a great display in the form of 4.1 inch screen with Bravia Engine. Processor is same as of Incredible S but lacks in the terms of RAM from the HTC device, but the great camera can make do for that.

Price: INR 26,890 | Android version – 2.3.3

Other options in the category: HTC Desire S, Desire HD, Xperia Play [for gaming freaks], Dell Venue, Dell Streak [if you don’t mind big screen], HTC Desire, HTC Desire Z and Acer Liquid E

Mid-range Android smartphones: [Below 20K and more than 12K]

Recently a series of price drops and new devices launches have made mid-range a happening Android arena. Yet another category to make hard decisions, but choice is always good for consumers.

Nexus S: We always like Google phones. You get the Android updates before anyone else and have the great hardware. If you are looking for pure Android – this is it.

Price: INR 19.9K | Android version: 2.3.4

LG Optimus Black: Recently launched Optimus Black is the lightest Android smartphone in high-end as well as mid range categories. It comes with a great 4 inch NOVA display along with 1 GHz processor. Only problem is the Android version, which will get updated to Gingerbread soon.

Price: INR 19,310 | Android version: 2.2

Other options in the category: Samsung Galaxy SL, Spice MI-410 [Review here], Motorola Defy, Samsung Galaxy Ace, Acer Liquid Metal, HTC Wildfire S and Motorola Milestone

You might be wondering that high-end and mid-range categories have ended and we have not mentioned Galaxy S anytime. We were not sure to put it in which category. That’s why it is here on its own.

Worth It:

Samsung Galaxy S: A very popular and hit smartphone from Samsung, Galaxy S still have great hardware and almost latest Android version. We are not sure about the price, because you should be able get it around 21K. A great display and awesome developer love.

Entry-level Android smartphones [0 to INR 12K]

With a series of Samsung love here, and lot of rebranded OEM devices have made entry level segment crowded. It is very hard to point out which is better than which in this segment, so we are not choosing one device here. We have made a lsit of few devices that are worth their money in this segment.

  • Dell XCD35
  • LG Optimus One [Review here]
  • Samsung Galaxy Fit
  • HTC Wildfire
  • Acer Liquid Mini

Other options in this category: Seriously there are a lot of them – Samsung Galaxy Pop [Review here], Galaxy Pro, Dell Aero, Dell XCD28, Micromax Bling 2, Micromax Andro A60 [Review here], Motorola XT5, Motorola Charm, Motorola Flipout, LG Optimus Me, Spice MI-310, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini, Mini Pro and SE W8

For CDMA lovers:

If you don’t like GSM phones, there are few CDMA options as well in India. MTS HTC Pulse and Samsung Galaxy Pop CDMA [Review here] are two devices you can go for officially. If you are still not satisfied, has some cool unlocked CDMA Android options imported from US.

For QWERTY Lovers:

HTC Desire Z is still the best high-end slide out QWERTY in India [Review here], otherwise you can go for the old Motorola Milestone [till Motorola releases its successor in India] or Samsung Galaxy 551 [on the budget front]

On the portrait QWERTY front, we have a lot of options in Galaxy Pro, Motorola Charm or Acer beTouch E210.

For Dual-Sim lovers:

Motorola XT800 and Spice Mi-270 are the two options you have. One for mid-range, other for budget segment.


13 thoughts on “Best Android phones to buy in India (July, 2011)

  1. I think Samsung Galaxy S still leads in terms of specs and price after a year of its launch …what u say guys ???

  2. @Sam I think HTC desire S is a better bet at that price point. Better build quality, cam with a flash and HTC sense, while Galaxy has only the S-amoled screen going for it which we all know has its own issues.
    btw, I wonder why Gaurav hasn’t done a review on desire S.

  3. Google branded IDEOS should have been included in the entry level phones. It’s an excellent phone for its price.

  4. @Ashwin you are right why did Gaurav did not include the DESIRE S in single core category it is the best Single core processor and has Gingerbread out of the box and Gaurav also did a mistake INCREDIBLE S has froyo out of the box and not Gingerbread and it recently got a OTA update of 2.3.3 Gingerbread.HTC DESIRE S is a great phone.

  5. I feel sorry that you put the LG Optimus Black in the Mid-Range Smart Phone, it should be up to High-End.. Iam sure coz of using both Arc and Black i feel Black is much better….

  6. Hey i want to buy a sub 20K Android Phone with good screen and good video files support. Could you advise ? I’ve shortlisted Nexus S and Desire Z, but multimedia support is priority and I’m not sure about them.

  7. Galaxy S Nexus Cell Phone is my vote. Its updated first and will perform for any user who optimizes it.
    Stay away from eBay with Android Phone guys. When you see Android Phone that dont come direct from carrier you better know how to check for malware

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