Google integrates video stabilization in video chat for tablets

Unless you mount your tablet on a custom tripod or dock, there is no stabilization of video image and the video tends to be a little shaky. But don’t worry Google has tried to solve this by using real time image stabilization on Google Video Chat.
Google has integrated SRI International’s 2D video stabilization software in Video Chat for tablets. It is now available for as a part of Google Talk for Android 3.0+ devices.

How it works:
Video chat applications capture video from the front-facing camera on smartphones and tablets. Once an image is acquired by a camera, it is compressed before it can be transmitted. In video compression algorithms, the bandwidth used to encode the video increases with the amount of motion in the scene.
By stabilizing the video, SRI’s software compensates for scene motion and allows the video compression algorithm to improve image quality by using fewer bits to encode the video. There is increased mobile device efficiency when an image is stabilized before compression, and there is less work for a device’s video compression engine to perform.

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