Google Maps brings ‘Download Map Area’ feature [Labs]

Visiting a place with spotty data coverage or want to save few bucks on data roaming, Google has added a new feature in Map labs to help you with this.

Dubbed as ‘Download Map Area;, this feature is available in Google Maps for Android 5.7, which was released as an update this morning.

How to use:

First, to access Labs on your phone, press your phone’s menu button once in Google Maps, choose “More” and select Labs. On a tablet, click the menu button in the upper-right corner of Maps.

Then, anytime when in data coverage or WiFi, open up any Places page in the world, click “More” to get the Place page menu, and download Google’s maps for a 10-mile radius.

3 thoughts on “Google Maps brings ‘Download Map Area’ feature [Labs]

  1. Wow! This is the killer feature in Google Maps that we have been waiting for. Now the phone can fully replace the Sat Nav devices like MapmyIndia etc. The feature works pretty fine.
    I wonder what the sat nav guys will do now…. they have been charging ridiculous amount for upgrading maps. Now we get offline maps for free. Can you beat that???


  2. @Aravindan.S I dont wanna kill yr joy with this update.. but i doubt u know that our beloved google still doesn’t allow navigation in our country(india) without any reason. and i doubt that sat nav companies are wealthy enough to pay google for not allowing this. whereas we are stuck on brut mod v 4.6 of google maps which allow nav perfectly here in india. there is also a updated version of google maps on net which allow nav but it replaces the original maps and we need to be rooted for that. i m not rooted and i am using retagged and resigned version of brut mod along with original maps.. can anyone put more light on this topic??

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