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CyanogenMod to support native screenshots, touch to focus in camera

cyanogen modCyanogenMod team is working to bring several useful features to Android smartphones as usual, but two of them are worthy of mention here.

Native Screenshots:

New CyanogenMod builds from now on will come with native screenshot support. Android smartphone users normally have to install an additional application to take screenshots in the phone. Recently launched Galaxy S II is an exception, which includes native screenshot feature without any fuss.

Touch-To-Focus in camera:

HTC Android smartphones will be getting touch to focus in CyanogenMod builds from now-on. Support for Samsung phones is still being evaluated.

So, these were some more reasons to ditch your manufacturer ROM to jump on to CyanogenMod.


2 thoughts on “CyanogenMod to support native screenshots, touch to focus in camera

  1. I have been hearing about CyanogenMod and some other custom ROMs, and i know they provide latest version of android to phones ditched by manufacturers (some people even use these even if the latest official ROM is available). But I want to ask, why should i install it on my phone. Is there a risk of bricking my phone, and can I flash official official ROM if something goes wrong with the custom ROM?

  2. Galaxy s2 does support screen shot …but it can be print using only samsung printers which is quite annoying …

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