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Cincinnati Bell releases Milestone XT720 FroYo update

We all know that Motorola dumped Milestone XT720, by not pushing a single Android update to the device, it was released with Android 2.1 and still remains on that. But, US telecom operator Cincinnati Bell decided to go against the tide and get its users a non Motorola-certified Android 2.2 update.

Yes, this update is coming from Cincinnati Bell not from Motorola. That’s why the update procedure is also a little bit unorthodox; you root the device, back up your data using Titanium Backup and then flash the firmware. Then again root the device, restore the data and then unroot it.

CB has tried to make to process as easy as possible but if you are not ready for all this, you can remain with Android 2.1 and enjoy the phone.

Update changelog:

  • Homescreen Tips
  • Flash 10.1 Support
  • Improved browsing experience
  • Android Market Updates
  • Improved Performance
  • Improved Navigation
  • Store compatible applications on your SD card
  • Create a Portable Hotspot

You can find the update procedure, and download here.

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