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Android tablets to surpass iPad in next 5 years

It might take some time, but Android tablets are on their way to end the Apple iPad’s dominance in tablet arena. According to research firm Informa, Android tablet will catch up and surpass iPad’s tablet market share in 2016.

Research firm states that Apple’s current tablet market share is expected to drop to 39pc in 2015 and Android will gain upto 38pc.

“From 2013, as cheaper and more advanced Android tablets enter the market, we forecast that sales will pick up considerably, eventually surpassing iPad sales in 2016”

– David McQueen, Analyst at Informa

The onslaught of the cheap Honeycomb tablets is about to begin with Huawei’s MediaPad, but the actual flurry will come after Ice Cream Sandwich launch. The entry of Amazon in tablet arena with Android will also make a significantly dent in Apple’s share.


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