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20th Century Fox to bring movies on Android phones

Twentieth Century Fox is soon going to bring movie downloads to Android phones/tablets.  It is not going to be a super smooth ride, but you will still get your movie – if you buy a Blu-ray disc of Fox’s movies starting with X-Men First Class in October – You will be able to download an Android-compatible copy of that movie from their website to side load on your Android device. A direct download to the Android device would have been great, but we will take this deal.

This service will be first available in only US, UK, France and Germany.

“Given its strong growth as a mobile operating system, the support for Android is an important move for us because it further enhances Blu-ray discs as the best way to get your movies to all your screens”

–          Vincent Marcais, senior vice-president for marketing at Twentieth Century Fox


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