Asus Eee Pad Transformer launched in India, priced at INR 33K with dock

Asus today finally announced the Honeycomb powered Eee Pad Transformer in India. It will be available for a price of INR 32,999 for the 16 GB WiFi only version. You will also get the dock in this pricing, but we still think it is still over-priced in India considering the pricing in other countries.

There is no word on separate pricing of the tablet. Eee Pad Transformer comes with Android 3.0 on-board at the launch in India, but we hope that an update to Android 3.1 is soon available.

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Features:

  • nVIDIA Tegra 2 processor
  • 10.1 inch IPS display
  • 1GB RAM
  • 1.2 M Pixel Front Camera
  • 5 M Pixel Rear Camera
  • 680 g

Update: We have received the official word from Asus India that Eee Pad Transformer will be available by the end of this month, and there is only one version on sale which is including the keyboard dock. You can not purchase the tablet or the dock separately.


  1. poor marketing strategy..
    its very overpriced.
    if i were to spend 33000 i will buy the world slimmest and best android tablet ever made i.e samsung galaxy tab 10.1 at 27000 and will save 6000. becoz docking station is of no use for me for that purpose i have my laptop


  2. I also agree. I was waiting for this TABLET and almost made my mind to purchase it for around 22-23K. But, after so much delay and overpricing, I’ll opt for other ANDORID TABLETS.


  3. i also thought that pricing will be in line with the US pricing plus some taxation that will cost around 22k.
    but at that price point its not worth buying…
    at that price it was already available on ebay one month ago…
    now on ebay the price of the tablet has dropped to 24999.
    why will anyone buy from asus india.


  4. why should i be forced to buy the dock…i want a tablet and not a netbook…..

    and i dont think they’d do a good business here…they’ll be forced to sell it without dock in 2-3 months


  5. dear Sagar,
    is samsung galaxy tab 10.1v launched in india???????????????????
    if yes then where can i get it in gujarat or india??????????
    please reply me………………….


  6. hello Jayson
    galaxy tab is available in india through
    actually ebay was giving the tab 10.1 for 27800 last week and before that it was only 25700 but now its price is 30000.(including shipping and custom)…
    wait for a week there will be a price drop..and u can purchase it from ebay..
    meanwhile i will post a link here, have a look at it

    its slim version not 10.1v
    or else its available in delhi also u can pick up from the store here, they have imported that from US and it has international warranty also…
    if u need any other help or want the store number or address instead of posting here email me on


  7. The tab is great , but price is a deal breaker .
    Should soon come down to 25k-26 with bill , and eBay sellers should get it for 20k – 21k .


  8. its not over priced..if u buy it from ebay then it will cost u 25000. And again if u buy the dock which is now available in ebay india at lowest Rs.10999. That means it total cost u around 36000. But asus is providing u it in 33000 including dock.
    I got that tablet already and let me tell u that without that dock u will not be able to use the tablet to its extreme. With the dock u l get extra battery life and most importantly the usb 2.0 port. U can do a hell lot of things with these usb ports.
    And this tablet is the best android runing tablet in the market now.


  9. Mr.Imad, can you please tell me where you purchased your tablet from.I am searching for it everywhere but i cant find it.Is there other place where i can buy it?Because its price is 33k in India. So i am not interested in eBay option.


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