ZTE’s tablet plans for other half of the year

Adding to our yesterday’ report about ZTE Light Tab 2 launch in October, we have more details on ZTE’s tablet strategy for the remaining half of the year.

ZTE will be launching two more Honeycomb tablets apart from Tab 2 in the next six months. Dubbed as Tab 3 and Tab 10, these tablets will also come with Android 3.O and will be powered by 1.2 GHz processors. Other common features include rear/front cameras, WiFi, HDMI out, DLNA and all the basic stuff like GPS, Bluetooth.

ZTE Light Tab 3 will have 7 inch display panel, on the other hand Tab 10 will come with 10 inch display with 1,280 x 800 pixels resolution. These specifications may change in future, but for now this is final.

ZTE is also pondering over to launch the 4G variants of these tablets in select South-East Asian countries as well as Australia. “In terms of 4G tablets, the technology is already there. We’re just waiting for the markets” to pick up, ZTE’s president of the Asia-Pacific region, Zheng Bang, told Dow Jones.

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