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Spice Mi-410/Cherry Magnum HD Gingerbread build rooted

Remember few days ago we reported that Spice Mi 410 has [unofficially] got the official  build of Android 2.3.4 update from its another rebranded cousin Cherry Mobile Magnum HD.  Many of you updated your Mi 410 successfully but after the update the normal root exploits have stopped working.

No root method was working until Free Radical at Erodov found a way. You will need a working linux distro with Nautilus to accomplish this root method.

You can find the whole root method and full instructions here.

Thanks for the tip Free Radical

10 thoughts on “Spice Mi-410/Cherry Magnum HD Gingerbread build rooted

  1. Bharat when are u reviewing the spice MI 410 ?! i am waiting for this review and i am seriously thinking of buying that phone ! plz review it asap !

  2. Well it will work on any variant of ideos x6 .
    Viewsonic 4
    Magnum a400 hd
    CSL Mi410 slim
    Wellcomm a99
    CSL Blueberry MI410 Etc

    All these are exact same phone’s so an update on one will work on all of them 2 of my friends are already on Gingerbread 2.3.4

  3. @ ssmantri
    He is not Bharat his name is Gaurav Shukla. I think you got confused with Bharat Nagpal of

  4. I have 2 questions about this handset
    Q1:- What is the Sar value of this phone (Radiation level) measured in 900/1800 Mhz in India.

    Q2:- Is the display color 256k or 16M

  5. hi

    i tried updating my magnum’s os to gingerbread when suddenly my phone just went off. now, i could not turn on my phone. what should i do?

  6. friends i can help you out i have downloaded and installed it. if you need to see the video how i did look in to the site. its much better. peopel they have used the blueberry mobile sw. they are trying to fool us.
    but is having spice logo at startup. so they made some changes.

    SPICE people are fools. THEY HAVE NOT TOLD 1 important thing.

    friends please rename and use it..

    if the download link is dead mail me i will upload the file and give you friends the link

    chk the video in
    mail me in

  7. Friends i have rotted the devide . great apps i can install. now see how to install the CWM in Spice Mi410. never had you seen on ah. First on net see. its working.. keep looking in my site i will be adding some new apps and cyanogenmod 7.1 Rom and another Rom call Miui.

    please see the video for your process. you can send commends i will be happy to help you.
    so that i know people are intrested in the video and the file i give you.

    To keep posting please like and rate teh video.

    if you need to know how to root please comment in the video i post.


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