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Spice Mi-410 finally on sale in India for INR 14K

Announced months back by Spice, Mi-410 is finally available in India.  Spice Mi-410 is the rebranded Huawei Ideos X6, which is also getting a variant from Olive as Olive Smart, but hasn’t reached the market till now. While OliveSmart is supposed to come with Gingerbread on-board, Spice Mi-410 has FroYo.

Spice is selling the smartphone at a price of INR 13,999 on its recent e-commerce venture

Spice Mi-410 Features:

  • Android 2.2
  • 4.1 inch capacitive touchscreen
  • 5MP camera, secondary VGA camera
  • 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • 2GB Internal Memory

Thanks for the tip Suveer

34 thoughts on “Spice Mi-410 finally on sale in India for INR 14K

  1. i am a big fan of yours.always look for your news every time.i was waiting for this handest………thanx and keep up the good work……..
    a suggestion for you is………make a section where u can put the competition between the latest handsets e.g a section where people can talk about e.g htc sensation and samsung galaxy s2


  2. Which phone is better in HTC Desire or Spice MI 410 b’coz these both phone prizes are same as per

    MI410 -13999.00
    HTC Desire -15000.00

    Please sugest to buy???

  3. Spice MI 410 has a front can, so u can do video chat on yahoo msngr, fring or gtalk once updated to 2.3….. Both phone have same 1 gHz snapdragon processor, but spice has bigger screen. Also it market price will be arount 13000-13500, now u decide urself

  4. spice 410 has a better processor 205 GPU, adobe 10.1 flash, 2 GB ROM, htc has 200GPU, flash lite, 512 mb ROM. I would go for spice. Also xda developers provide updates to it.

  5. Any idea how good the after-sales service is for HTC & Spice in case there is a problem with the device.

    Also, regarding the call & build quality, anyone used mi-410?

  6. The build quality of the phone is really good..What actually makes the handset stand out from the other Android sisters from Spice is its increased screen size. It has a 4.1 inch capacitive touchscreen with good display quality. Even 1GHz processor adds to the performance..A feature rich handset for its price…

  7. as per said by Mr.Parminder 205 GPU, but where i see the full specification of MI410 and his not available in Hotspot also prize is 14000/-

  8. If is same specification why does spice not show in thier web site and also Number of colors IDEOS X6 on 16M colors and MI410 256 K.

    Anyone buy this handset please send details.

  9. Dear Gaurav ,
    Please give your valuable reviews on this phone and do compare with google nexus s also 🙂


  10. Who told u MI 410 has 256k colours? It has 16M. and read the review of huawei X6 on gsmarena, people have wrote review of of spice MI 410, because it is already available in malasia, singapore etc.

  11. On the facebook page of spice mobiles someone has said that the phone has 256k colors and not 16M. Can anyone else confirm this?

  12. Hi, arun i am planning buying this handset from saholic and does this coupon code work.and if doesnt plz reply the one to,and how to use it help required plz, or just gimme a call 08179179037

  13. I have bought Mi-410 a week ago in bangalore. First impression was great but…..there are so many flaws..

    pros: 1. Good big 4.1 inch screen, resolution.

    Cons: 1. Very poor battery back up lasts hardly 1 day with minimal internet browsing (1400 mAh)
    2. Messaging and Call log options are very poor. E.g. If I receive more than one messages from same person I can not delete single perticular message, Instead I have to delete entire thread i.e. all messages.
    3. very very poor speakers. if you are music enthusist please give a pass to this phone. Headset is very ordinary.
    4. Internal memory is only 1 GB.

  14. Hello satish, please tell if android market is accesible on this phone? and what about camera?

  15. Please donot buy this product. Thi is a horrible typical made in china set. You can prepare omlette while charging this set and it takes 3 hours to charge completely. Total horrible set..

    1. Guys, those of you looking for the review of Spice Mi410, we are soon going to get the smartphone and post the in-depth review. 🙂

  16. hey satish, wat is its cost, how is camera and video recording and playback..i want to buy dis can u help me..thanks in advance

  17. Hey Gaurav ,
    We are eagerly waiting for reviews along with the best android phones available in market now a day …….Please make it fast

  18. OK guys, I own this phone and have been using this extensively in the last couple of days… and here’s my honest review of Mi-410.
    Built Quality: 4/5 Looks pretty sleek and solid. However I wonder if this can take any impact as I see this phone is pretty heavy compared to other phones of the category.
    Signal Reception: 2/5 The phone keeps disconnecting from the network pretty often, I had no such issues with previous phones in my area. However, when I installed optional software to monitor network, it does show the signals but status bar says unavailable. Wi-fi is pretty ok though signal to weak compared to my previous phone, yet to test 3G on it.
    Camera : 2/5 Camera is very poor, this is almost useless indoors. I see nothing but dark shades even with flash on the photos are mediocre, color reproduction is poor.
    Video: 2/5 Though this boasts of a 720p@30fps, frame rate is very poor and I see a very gittery video even in VGA mode even with other programs disabled.
    Overall Features: 4/5 Has all the decent features to survive for couple of years before becoming outdated, 3G, HSPCA, Wi-fi, AGPS, HDMI out.
    Display: 3.5/5 Is pretty decent but no way to close to the htc or a samsung.
    Speakers: 2/5 Below average speakers, sound reproduction is pretty poor though it has dual speakers on either side. If you are an avid music listener, invest in a decent earphone. This does come with a 3.5mm jack. Ear phone provided with the phone is not a good one, I’ve also observed low buzzing noise from the headphones when connected
    Battery: 2/5 Yet to test it fully but with my experience from the last one week, I can tell it last about a day with low to medium usage. 15-20 min video 10-12 calls about 2/3 min average, 30min browsing/games/3G stand-by should be around 2 days
    Value for Money 3/5 This phone mysteriously keeps rebooting once or twice a day, applications do crash. However am yet to find out if this is due to any running apps or any hardware issue. I have Gingerbread 2.3.4 currently and have installed around 5-6 google apps that barely consume any memory.
    Service: ??? This is my first spice phone, so cannot comment on it, heard that it is pretty poor and should end-up in a recycle bin in case of any serious trouble.
    Overall 3/5 This phone by no means is a competition with likes of HTC Sony or Samsung, though it has decent built quality and features. I would say if you can compensate with these short coming, looking for a phone that’s not built to last or keep changing phones quite occasionally (every year) with technology then look no further else this is strictly not the one to look at…

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