Samsung “Smart View” app puts TV in your hands

Samsung today released the Smart View app for Galaxy S II smartphones. This app lets users to view the content from Samsung Smart TV or other input device right on their mobile devices.

This app uses WiFi to realtime broadcast the TV content to your phone, so that you can roam around the house and still watch TV. It also works as the remote control and game controller for your Smart TV.

This App currently works with Samsung Smart TV D7000, D8000, and D9500 series televisions and is available for free in the Android Market for Galaxy S II. Company will bring support for GALAXY player (YP-GB70) in July, along with the GALAXY S and GALAXY Tab later this year.


Dual View: Enjoy TV and other multimedia right from your mobile device that’s connected to Samsung Smart TV. You can even send what you’re watching on your mobile device to TV and watch it from TV.

Remote: Your mobile device can work as remote for your Samsung TV or BD products. Full remote screen is provided by default, and three tabs are provided at the bottom of the screen to help you control connected devices with ease. Onscreen keyboard shows up automatically when you need to enter text.

Game Controller: With this feature, your mobile device can control games on TV. Full and Simple modes are available. Turn on Gyro function on your mobile device, and control games by tilting your mobile device.

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