Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 may have a thicker cousin for some markets

OOPS..Bad news guys. It seems Samsung is having problems in getting components of its Galaxy Tab 8.9. So, chances are that Samsung will release two versions of its Tab 8.9.

Coming to the nitty gritties, Samsung made Galaxy Tab 8.9 so thin by including a touch panel called G1F. But due to the shortage of G1F, company has brought in GFF (glass fiber filter) manufacturers.

Now, the real problem. GFF touch panel is 30% to 40% thicker than its G1F counterpart as well as GFF’s light transmittance is lower than G1F –in plain words – GFF is dimmer than G1F.

So, some markets will be getting the originally slim Galaxy Tab 8.9, while some may get the thicker version of the same tablet.  Much like the case with Nexus S; where USA and UK got Super AMOLED version while most of other market got Super Clear LCD version.

“There is nothing certain about the specifications of the 8.9-inch version of the product with the 10.1-inch model having yet to hit the market”


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One thought on “Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 may have a thicker cousin for some markets

  1. I am not surprised! Making too much noise about an upcoming product that works “amazingly” in a clinically controlled environment hardly will dent competition! So much talk from Samsung but little to show and the competition is steadily gaining ground. Despite the unique size as well as much touted features Sumsung has lost market share even before they began! Terrible marketing strategy.

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