Samsung Galaxy S2 goes on sale in India tomorrow via Vodafone [FAQs]

samsung galaxy s IIAnother 24 hours and you will be able to buy Samsung Galaxy S II in Vodafone stores. This much anticipated Gingerbread smartphone from Samsung has been priced at INR 32,890, and Vodafone is likely to sell it for the MRP, but telecom operator is bundling free data worth 1GB per month for next six month with the smartphone.

If you want to know specs and features of Indian version of Galaxy S II check here.

Vodafone Version FAQs:

1. Will the Vodafone version of Samsung Galaxy S II SIM-Locked?

No, you will be able to use any SIM card with the smartphone after buying.

2. What is the prerequisite to buy Vodafone version?

You will need to buy a new Vodafone connection or have an existing Vodafone number to buy SGS2 from their store. The same number will get all the data benfits.

3. Is there any branding of Vodafone, or any preloaded apps by the telecom operator?

No, it is exactly same as the retail version, so don’t worry and go ahead.

If you want to wait for the retail version, it is officially hitting stores on June 9, but it is likely that your neighborhood stores will start selling SGS2 as soon as they get the stocks.

Coming to online options, Flipkart, Letsbuy, IndiaPlaza are taking preorder for the smartphone and will ship around June 9. IndiaPlaza is offering the best deal in terms of price, while Letsbuy will be giving you free accessories.


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