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Samsung Galaxy S2 goes on sale in India tomorrow via Vodafone [FAQs]

samsung galaxy s IIAnother 24 hours and you will be able to buy Samsung Galaxy S II in Vodafone stores. This much anticipated Gingerbread smartphone from Samsung has been priced at INR 32,890, and Vodafone is likely to sell it for the MRP, but telecom operator is bundling free data worth 1GB per month for next six month with the smartphone.

If you want to know specs and features of Indian version of Galaxy S II check here.

Vodafone Version FAQs:

1. Will the Vodafone version of Samsung Galaxy S II SIM-Locked?

No, you will be able to use any SIM card with the smartphone after buying.

2. What is the prerequisite to buy Vodafone version?

You will need to buy a new Vodafone connection or have an existing Vodafone number to buy SGS2 from their store. The same number will get all the data benfits.

3. Is there any branding of Vodafone, or any preloaded apps by the telecom operator?

No, it is exactly same as the retail version, so don’t worry and go ahead.

If you want to wait for the retail version, it is officially hitting stores on June 9, but it is likely that your neighborhood stores will start selling SGS2 as soon as they get the stocks.

Coming to online options, Flipkart, Letsbuy, IndiaPlaza are taking preorder for the smartphone and will ship around June 9. IndiaPlaza is offering the best deal in terms of price, while Letsbuy will be giving you free accessories.

70 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S2 goes on sale in India tomorrow via Vodafone [FAQs]

  1. Hey Gaurav,how come there is such a huge difference in the cost at Indiaplaza…is it really so i mean i don’t believe it??

  2. 32890 is the MRP and when the phone hits the retail stores, it will be available for 29990 only…. I think IndiaPlaza is charging the right price… SE Xperia Play’s MRP is around 34K and it is available for 29990…

  3. I went to the vodafone gallery today at Mumbai (Fort), they said it is not still not confirmed the exact releasse date

  4. @ Nehal you will get his number on Samsung Website only on the S2 specs. sheet (Option: Where to Buy)

  5. Hi Gaurav, I don’t know why Samsung has partnered with Vodafone for the launch of such hot phone. Because in Vodafone they them self doesn’t know about the SGS2, even today and it is going to available tomorrow with Vodafone. I am sorry this question should be asked to Samsung, but any how.

  6. I was about to buy but still waiting for the conformation on NFC. Dealer said it is available after confirming Samsung again. But Samsung’s specs. sheet doesn’t mention anything.

  7. Guys it will hit shops only on June 10th in retail stores,just went to samsung showroom,they are selling for price 30,990.Pre-booking already started with goodies

  8. Hi guys, I have been having lots of fun with this Samsung s2 for two weeks now. Don’t know why you guys still couldn’t get it.

  9. WTF WTF….Shenzen – Hong kong (25 min), Hong Kong – Singapore (180 min), Singapore – Samsung India (240 min), Samsung India – Vodafone Dummies (10 days)??

  10. Can anyone please tell me when will this be really available for us…if anyone has proper confirmations..m tired f listening end of may,start of june,3rd f june,9th of june..please anyone

  11. I hope all the guts buying at these online stores know that they have to wait for 2 weeks for delivery..Why does anyone even think if buying it online? Totally beats me.

  12. @Satyakumar When you say “available with all Samsung dealers” do you mean available in stock across the counter for immediate purchase? or that stupid pre-order thingy?

  13. The previous phones that I bought with so much anticipation were the N97 and the HTC diamond. Even a day-old subway sandwich could do better as a phone compared to the N97…and the HTC diamond..well, was twice as worse as the N97.’Nouf said

  14. So the price ranges for this phone is:
    Flipkart – 32830 (phone only)
    Letsbuy – 32830 (free MHL cable, case and screen protector)
    Indiaplaza – 29990 (phone only)
    Samsung Showroom – 30990 (retail – phone only)

    So which is the best deal??

  15. Samsung has done a blunder in teaming up with Vodafone to sell this phone… i don’t hate vodafone rather i have a voda connection… but as rightly said by all of you guys voda has no information about the launch of phone….. the store staff really sucks and there is no promotion or advertising also by voda… airtel and aircel are selling Iphone 4 and they are advertising it properly and even the phone is available at most of the stores… I do not know WTF guys at voda are doing….. may they are busy fighting lawsuit with Income Taz Department or buying the remaining stake of Essar in Voda…

  16. Okay guys.Following is confirmed, authentic information and Gospel.

    :: Samsung galaxy S2 is being launched to the vodafone dealers at Taj Coramandel Chennai at 15:00 today ::

    Have been told by one Voda Rep that I can pick up the phone this evening itself while another rep has told me I can only pick it up tomorrow (June 4th) morning.

    So there, I’m sure this is the same story across all the metros.In the next 12-24 hours the SGS2 will be across the Vodafone counter.Amen

  17. All of you have waited a lot … just few days more … next week it will be available across India Samsung Galaxy S2.. Jitne chahe khareed lena …. Excitement jab tak phone nahi milta tab tak ki hi hai … milne ke baad acha mil gaya phone … chaar din use kiya … bas yahi tha phone…. then will find something new for next excitement… safar hai chalta rahega …. aaj Galaxy S2 … kal iphone 5 phir hoga… phir Galaxy S3 hoga … lage raho munna bhai .. daud hai….na khatam hone waali…..

  18. Just checked on Twitter a dealer named “Mahesh Telecom”(@MAHESHTELECOM) is already having physical stocks and started selling them. He have uploaded some unboxed pix as well.

    Waiting for some news in delhi

  19. Hey is the SGS2 LTE ready? why does indiaplaza says 4G in the specs list? and the mobile store is taking pre-orders for SGS2 its Rs.31200 PHONE ONLY…and also they stay the indian version does NOT come with 8GB memory card..does anyone have any confirmed details on this?

  20. Just spoke to one of the Vodafone customer care executive and got the information that Vodafone are selling galaxy S2 at Rs.32830 and its only available to pre-book the phone for Rs.1000. The physical stock will be available on 10th of June.
    They would be giving the same freebies as (hdtv adapter, bluetooth headset, case and screen protector worth Rs. 4599). The only difference being, they are giving 1 GB internet usage on a Vodafone post-paid number for 1 month.

  21. @Abi,
    Lucky Chennai people then…

    I really wish someone had the physical stock at Bangalore too….

  22. Its available in vodafone stores and costs 32830 but you also get goodies which are as the same available in It should be pre ordered and will be delivered in 2 days.

  23. I too called up Vodafone customer care(VCC) today around 2pm. The guy related to blackberry and iphone section of VCC was not even aware of SGS2 launch. Leave alone price and availability. No doubt about vodafone services in India, i am happy vodafone’s postpaid customer since 2008. But this dumbness of vodafone customer care is unacceptable. Atleast they should know if such a phone is being launched. Damn Vodafone.

  24. I enquired, visiting a vodafone store in vijayanagar, bangalore.

    1. They dont have stocks!. They too get by june 10th!
    2. They sell@MRP
    3. They have HDTV connector, bluetooth head set, pouch etc as free goodies.
    4. 1GB dats is 2G data and not 3G data…( 1GB of data is available for less than 100 rs with all other service providers)
    5. We can preorder with these guys with Rs.1000 to get above free goodies!

  25. Hi…

    I called up vodafone servive center yesterday they dont even have knowledge of galaxy s2 releasing on 3rd june.

  26. i got a call yesterday from Samsung Mobile shop in Aundh (Pune)… its already available at official stores since yesterday…

    INR 32000/-

  27. I enquired a lot at the stores across Delhi Noida nd Ghaziabad…n yesterday they were sayin it’ii b available by today evenin nd now today they say that a confrence was held by samsung yesterday at Taj and they have delayed the stock push till they say most probably we’ll get the stocks not before Monday noon..anyone who knows anything about stocks in the NCR region????

  28. I just confirmed at a dealer in Aundh,Pune and he actually confirms that he has the stock..He is selling it for 31,200…OMG/!!!
    When will it reach NCR

  29. Next week kisi bhi store mein chale jana aur saari family ke liye le aana … phir bhi khatam nahi hoga stock

  30. Hey guys just got SG S2 yesterday.. its bloody brilliant..
    but one question.. how do i confirm it has NFC chip. i couldn’t find any option related to it.

  31. Congrats Jayaram,

    where did you get it from? and how much did you pay.

    truly a brilliant device, enjoy!

  32. Yes the stock is available with stores in thane (w) I saw the box myself its of white color which is different then black color box in unboxing videos that we have seen on youtube… (box looks little cheap). The shop was selling for 30,000 which seems to be a very good deal.

  33. Okay, my dealer is delivering the phone to me in the next couple of hours.So this bitch will finally be nailed:)

    All those of you who are looking to pick up the Galaxy S2 or the HTC Sensation in Chennai contact Kannan@+919043333003 and you should have it delivered under 2 hours.

    C.A.S.E C.L.O.S.E.D !!

  34. hi all, i hav purchased SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 in chennai today.
    very limited stocks available. PRICE-31000rs.

    no free accessories, optional for bluetooth headset by paying xtra rs1000.

    it’s available in alwarpet UNIVERCELL showroom.
    sterday i prebooked for rs1000, then they called me 2day to purchase it.
    thanks for their swift service.

    ABOUT mobile –
    IT”S REALLY AWESOME…..!!!!!!!
    gr8 mobile. touchwiz UI is really grt.

    CAMERA = Xcellent, no words 2 say.

    i wil upload my unboxing and photos soon.

    net is amazing fast. i started using in WiFi network, then changed to 2G network (NOT 3G), but it’s really fast. so planning to activate my 3G 2mrw.

    andriod market is full of premium and free version softs and games,

    music thru headphones are really good.

    not installed any updates YET,

    WOW, really a super mobile.

    voice commands are so accurate, messaging, facebook, twitter are also so vivid fast.

    really gr8 mobile.

  35. I bought it in Noida yesterday from Spice Hot Spot store in Shopprix Mall, Sec 61.
    It is a fantastic phone. Needs wifi and 3g to really function to its potential. The battery is what can be expected. Lasts a day on 3G/Wifi.

  36. Got mine from…. I pre-ordered… at Rs.32830/- … got Molife case and screen guard, Car Charger and will send HDTV adapter later…

  37. Chandigarh/Punjab
    Called up a lot of dealers all of them said the Launch is happening right now at Taj. Will be available from tomorrow but the price quoted varied between 28k to 32k!! 5k difference… and even higher than Flipkart!
    Anyone knows of a good deal in chandigarh?

  38. @kartik..same info i got from patiala delers my homevtown…my retailer didnt informed me after the launch..bro plzzz..update to this cell number if get info in 9501773257…price would varu from 28 to max 32…still i guess we should get..some mhl adapter,scren protecter(a must)..bluetooth headset..charger car..lec the retailer in mornin..cheers for those lucky ppl..who got the beast…

  39. Here are some thoughts about the phone Samsung Galaxy S2 after using it :

    Speed : It is really smooth everything works very fast.
    Camera : Good for still photos but video is even better.
    Battery : After first full charge phone discharged fully in 10 hours.
    1. wifi on 70% of time on 3g …
    3. around 10 mins call only…
    4. one hour web surfing including email checking ….
    5. no video or music play.
    6. screen brightness on 45% only and after 7 hours I decreased brightness to 10% only


    Almost satisfied with everything else except the battery backup let see if it increases after using it for some days.

  40. In Bangalore, couple of Samsung authorized stores called me and asked to come see and purchase the phone. The final price they were giving at s’day was Rs.30,500. One person said he would give the molife case, screen guard and insurance all at 33K. Flipkarts deal too looks good. Had called them up and they informed me the stock is available and they are dispatching immediately.
    Thinking of waiting till 9th of June and check at all the mobile store… guess will pick up where they give me with insurance. Any opinions guys, I’m too confused…

  41. Le lo bhai logo ek do din mein sab logo ko mil jayega galaxy s2 phir … discuss karengay arey yaar battery life to kamm hai iski…. kya yaar itna paisa laga ke bhi battery life kam oh ho… continue wait for next phone.. with bettery battery life … may be iphone5 or galaxy s3 or next google nexus … now the next enhancement is required in battery technology… tabhi story mast chalegi…. abhi kya … Galaxy s2 has lot of feature but use karne se pehle battery ki chinta … then people suggesting. wifi band kar do … 3g jab chahiye tab use karo … brightness level kam rakho … email sync karo aur manual karo ..yeh na karo wo na karo … if sab kuch band hi karna tha phir to aur smartphone ko phone ki hi tarah use karna hai…

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