Samsung Galaxy S II Unboxing, Hands on

Samsung Galaxy S II review unit just landed at our place and here is a gallery full of unboxing and hands on images. We have been impressed with the performance of Samsung Galaxy S II during the brief time spent with the device, expect a lot more and detailed analysis in the full review, which is coming soon.

In contrast to Samsung’s official announcement at launch press conference, Indian version of Galaxy S II does not comes with NFC [we are trying to get more confirmation in this regard, considering the reports that NFC chip is there but without any software support], which is not a big problem considering that you will not be using it in India in the recent future.

In-Box Content: Phone, Battery, Data Cable, Headset, Ear Buds, Charger and leather case. There is no HDMI cable or any other accessory in the retail box.

More on Galaxy S2 India launch here.

6 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S II Unboxing, Hands on

  1. I think Samsung India as well as should apologise to the customers and offer free upgrades if NFC feature is not made active in future updates.

    Its not about the “not so common till now technology” NFC, but about commitment. Why should they make a false commitment to the buyers.

    Samsung India declared Indian version would have NFC at press launch and are tight lipped ever since. No customer communication, no confirmation, no retraction from their statement, whatsoever.

    Letsbuy on the other hand went on to the extent of confirming over the mail to customers as well as their website in the comments that their SGS2 supports NFC on board but never edited the same in the specification section. And now buyers receiving their handsets from them are confirming too that the Indian version doesn’t have NFC as well.

    Such a sad state of affairs. I might even contemplate suing Samsung & Letsbuy for such a false commitment to customers.

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