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Rugged Android Motorola Defy sees price drop to INR 15K

It seems it’s a season of price-cuts in Indian Android smartphone market. After HTC and Samsung, it was the turn of Motorola to slash the price of one of its Android smartphones today. So, we now have Defy retailing for just INR 14,999 at Letsbuy. We are expecting other retailers to follow suit soon, but till then you can always head over to Letsbuy.

Motorola Defy is scratch/water/dust resistant Android smartphone, which recently got the FroYo update in India. You can find more on Defy here.

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10 thoughts on “Rugged Android Motorola Defy sees price drop to INR 15K

  1. Don’t forget to apply coupon code ‘icicilb’ to get Rs. 1200 discount.
    Final price would be Rs .13,799.

  2. friends, did it get a gingerbread official update ??
    i heard 2.2 froyo is highly unstable .. for eg- cam wun work and animation problems..

  3. My brother who is actively following this mobile told that it seems that the Froyo update has been rolled back / not available and even Motorola guys are not aware of the issue. It becomes a very good budget buy at the current price. I just hope that all these price cuts are due to availability of competitive products and not because of scaled down components like S-LCD instead of AMOLED or normal glass instead of Gorilla glass. Few days back Motorola Defy was out of stock so would surely watch out if there are glaring omissions in the new stock on

  4. sandeep still do u think tht it would get gingerbread.?. just read today tht htc desire which runs on 1ghz processor and 576 mb of ram cannot be upgraded to gingerbread..
    wanted to buy defy.. infact still want to.. but no gingerbread update till now is pushing me back from getting this device..

  5. This is a killer deal. I bought my defy from infibeam 4 mnths back @18.3k. Never regretted my decision. Its way better than Samsung Galaxy SL and HTC desire. Absolutely fantastic built-quality and performance. As far as gingerbread is concerned, its available on xda forum and Cyanogenmod 7 is also ported.

  6. @aditya … I’m not sure if the Defy would get a gingerbread update or not. HTC has made clear their intention of not providing GB for Desire with the excuse of low memory which .. frankly.. I’m unable to understand. Motorola is a whole different monster though. Motorola is notorious for not rolling out latest updates to its mobile. So I wouldn’t hold my breath for the same BUT there was a news last month that there is an official gingerbread rom in the works and it leaked somehow. If you ask me, I’m still kinda hazy on this topic. I would recommend that you buy a phone which meets your expectations today and you’ll never be disappointed. I wonder exactly what’s the tangible difference between Gingerbread and Froyo. except for Power management … !!!??

  7. @Sam – The offer was there for only one or max two days for ICICI Netbanking/Credit Card clients. Its Rs.15999 with a compulsory Jabra Headset to damage your wallet.

  8. Wow!!! Looks like LB wants to keep its margin target intact… last time they did this bundling stuff with Galaxy S-LCD, they at least had a standalone piece as well for purchase. Nothing this time.

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