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Over 260,000 tablets sold in South-East Asia in Jan-April

Tablets are the latest fad among consumers and every manufacturer out in the market is busy cashing in on this. According to the latest report from GFK Asia, over 260,000 tablets from almost 10 brands were sold in South East Asia* between January and April.

* Southeast Asian markets surveyed: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam,Cambodia Indonesia and Philippines

This report further states that nearly one in two buyers have bought an Android tablet. Android tablets are gaining acceptance among consumers and the pc of Android tabs in total tablets sold increased from 13% in Jan to 46% in April [in  SE Asia].

“GfK’s retail audit across the seven Southeast Asian markets showed that similar to smartphone trends, Android OS has also been gaining traction in the tablets arena since the last quarter of 2010,” said Mr. Gerard Tan, Regional Account Director for IT, GfK Asia.

3G /4G enabled tablets contributed to 79% of overall sales units across South East Asia clearly indicating that consumers want tablets with cellular connectivity.

With more and more tablets hitting these markets in the coming months, we expect the number to rise even further.

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