Over 10pc discount on many Android phones at Buytheprice [Deal Alert]

Looking to buy LG Optimus 2X or HTC Sensation, buytheprice might have the best deal for you. According to the current Crazy Cart Sale going on the website, it is giving Optimus 2X for as low as INR 23, 339 and HTC Sensation for just INR 27,449 and that it is not all.

More such prices:

  • SE Xperia Play – INT 27K
  • Galaxy Tab – INR 22K

All you need to get these awesome prices is apply XCRAZYCART coupon code in the cart and your prices will get reduced by 10 percent. I am not sure how long will this promotion run, but if you are planning to buy an Android smartphone, you should check this out.

But, as usual do check everything before spending your money.



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