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Nexus S sees another price cut – only for INR 20K now

Did we report just 24 hours ago that Nexus S has seen a price drop to INR 22K. It seems that wasn’t enough – Nexus S has sees another price cut and is now retailing for just INR 19,999.

Flipkart is selling both white and black version at the same price, so if you were still waiting for a chance to buy this Google phone. You won’t get a better deal.

7 thoughts on “Nexus S sees another price cut – only for INR 20K now

  1. Samsung always does this sudden price drops..
    i pity people who bought it 1week back for 26k..
    Now i can say they priced it right for its features.. 🙂

  2. Waited for so long for the price cut..but when it happened..I already imported Atrix 4G from US…anywayz loving my Moto….

  3. You fail to mention that this is a Super Clear LCD version without NFC. tsk… tsk…

    Still, suddenly this phone is infinitely more value for money now.

  4. Dear All,

    Did the low in call Volume issue sloved bt google-samsung, which was accepted by google.

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