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Motorola India Xoom pricing out, 3G+32 GB version to cost INR 40K

Well, here comes the news that many tablets lovers have been waiting for long. As well all know, Motorola India announced last week that it will be launching Xoom in India by the end of this month.  That announcement had no details on the pricing of the device. Well a little birdie has told us that Motorola will launch the 3G version in India, there is no confirmation on the WiFi only version.

This 3G version with 32 GB internal memory will be priced in vicinity of INR 40K, yes that much. I am not sure how many buyers Motorola is expecting with this pricing but there won’t be many. The official announcement will come in the last week of June, which starts on June 27.

To remind you, Xoom comes with 1 GHz nVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, 10.1 inch HD display, 5MP camera, and front cam.

Update: Xoom 3G just popped up on Flipkart too and the listing has confirmed our report that Xoom 3G + 32GB version will cost INR 39,990.

You can pre-order from Flipkart now.

5 thoughts on “Motorola India Xoom pricing out, 3G+32 GB version to cost INR 40K

  1. LOL @ Motorola!

    Haven’t they learnt anything at all from their failure so far?
    Having had a headstart, they were still greatly outdone by the ASUS Transformer’s sales figures. Tsk tsk.

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