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More details available on Android 3.2

At the yesterday’s Huawei MediaPad launch event, Huawei revealed little to nothing about Android 3.2, which is present in its tablet. But, guys over TIMN have got hold of more details regarding this Android version.

As we already know, Android 3.2 will bring the official support for 7 inch display devices, and it will be the last Honeycomb update before Google releases Ice Cream Sandwich.

Android 3.2 also brings support for Qualcomm processor in addition to nVIDIA Tegra 2, which many reports suggested as the reference processor for Honeycomb.  This change is quite obvious, otherwise MediaPad would have never got Android 3.2, as it runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.2 GHz dual core processor.

Apart from all these changes, Android 3.2 brings bug fixes, better hardware acceleration, updates to Movie Studio, Movies, Music and widgets. Not many changes, but it still brings one of the most important changes to Honeycomb in the form of 7 inch support.

In terms of existing devices, Xoom will be getting the Android 3.2 update in the coming week, and other devices like Transformer and Iconia Tab should follow suit.

4 thoughts on “More details available on Android 3.2

  1. Just a comment to say that the OS is not intuitive. I rooted a Nook to 3.2 and couldn’t navigate. The ‘desktop’ is a clutter of crap, can’t launch anything, more open windows than an insane asylum, how do you turn apps off? for chrissakes? I guess I’m just a Luddite who is going to go back to my Nook and my desktop pc. If this is progress, I’m bummed.

  2. Since Android 3.2 will be last version of Honeycomb, it should come with few good features that should be better than its counterparts.

  3. I was surprised that Google didn’t have support for a wide range of screen sizes built into Honeycomb from the very beginning. Hopefully when they release Ice Cream Sandwich they will have standard support for all screen sizes and a wide range of support for chips.

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