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Lenovo to launch two ten inch Honeycomb tablets this year

The earlier leaked information about Lenovo’s upcoming Honeycomb tablets today got an official seal from company CEO.  Lenovo will launch two Honeycomb tablets this year, one of which will be targeted to normal consumers, the other tablet is meant for enterprise users.

Company plans to release both the tablets globally. Consumer centric tablet IdeaPad will go on sale in July, while the enterprise centric tablet will be a part of ThinkPad line and is likely to go on sale after a month or two of IdeaPad.

“We’ve really been working to tailor the experience” of our tablets, Lenovo President and Chief Operating Officer Rory Read told Dow Jones. “Some of the early-generation Android devices were a little ahead of their time, and what we’re doing here is making sure [our tablets] are strong. We only have one opportunity to make that first good impression.”

On the smartphone front, company has no immediate plans to start selling its offerings outside China.

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