Install Gingerbread on Spice Mi 410 now [Official build from Huawei X6 variant]

Being Spice Mi 410 owner, you would probably be knowing that it is originally Huawei Ideos X6. Being an OEM device, X6 has been released in various countries under different names and recently one of these variants Cherry Mobile Magnum HD got the official Gingerbread update.

As Spice Mi 410 and Magnum HD are the exact same devices, this stock Gingerbread build works on Mi 410 without any problems. So, you can’t wait for Spice to release Android 2.3 for you, here is your chance.

It might void your warranty and you must not perform the following actions unless you are very sure of what you are doing.

  • Download the update file from here
  • Extract the ZIP file.
  • Copy the file FB0-318B-0-5019-A01.nb0 to your SD card. Make sure it is placed in the root folder (not saved in a folder)
  • Insert the SD card to your device.
  • To enter bootloader mode, press and hold volume up + down + power buttons until you see the image of the Android logo.
  • Press ‘Home’key to show the update utility. Use the volume buttons to select the option “Download nb0 from SD card”.
  • Press ‘back arrow’ to confirm.
  • Upgrade will start. You can see the progress of the update while you wait.
  • Your Spice Mi 410 is now update to Android 2.3.4. Do share you experiences in the comments section.

Thanks Sid for the tip | Related XDA Thread


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