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HTC Flyer 3G goes on preorder for INR 38K in India

Waiting for HTC to release its first Android tablet Flyer in India, well it is coming soon. According to the product listing on Flipkart, which went live today – the 32 GB version of HTC Flyer 3G will cost INR 37,999 in India and will be launched in the fourth week of this  month.

The pricing is pretty much in line with official launch price of original Galaxy Tab in India, which too went on sale for INR 38K but now costs just around INR 24K.

HTC Flyer might not excite everybody, because it comes with Gingerbread on-board rather than Android 3.0. You can check more about HTC Flyer here.

Quick Specs:

  • 7 inch display
  • 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Processor
  • 5 MP main camera
  • 1.3 MP Secondary Camera
  • Android 2.3.3 with HTC Sense for tablets.
  • 3G & Wi-Fi Enabled

Thanks Amit for the tip

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  2. can you reveal any news of sensation launching…because when i contacted htc India they did not provide any explicit answer.

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